24 Minutes of Fun

Sunday, June 18th, 2006, 4:28 pm

That’s how long I lasted in the PokerStars Blogger tournament, placing 1993th. I had AQ, he had AJ. He flopped the nut straight.

Gonna go outstide, get some sun, and read in the hammock. Shouldn’t be ticked about losing in a freeroll, but I was in the mood to play. Ah well.

UPDATE: Jesus, it’s hot out there. Um, did a bit of scoping around, see who was still alive. Um…most tables have quite a few players “sitting out”. Mine had four at the start. I just did a look-see and StudioGlyphic is playing heads-up with a guy while 7 players sit out. Um…that’s not good.

There’s a player named brandybabe from Pittsburgh, she’s doing very well. She’s playing heads-up at a full table. Everyone else is sitting out. Rather changes one’s strategy.

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