Ups, Downs

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006, 7:01 pm

Played 3 SNGs on this lazy day, placed 2nd, 2nd, and 1st. During the first one I lost my goddam DSL connection for like 10 minutes and thought I’d be blinded to nothing. I get back in, see that I’m holding AJ without a lot of chips left, and shove. Got heads up with A-10 and I was back in business. In the third one I was pretty much left for dead, going all in with AJ again when I hit an ace, only to be up against a guy who hit 2 pair with A-9. But the Poker Gods were in a sick mood and let me go runner-runner to hit a straight. When it was heads-up I raced out to a 4-1 lead, then gave it up and then some, before charging back to win thanks to a flopped flush. Played well in all three, but wouldn’t have won the 3rd without some suckout action.

Just played in PokerSavvy’s freeroll on Titan Poker. Top fifteen cashed, so of course I finished 19th out of 167. Didn’t recognize anyone, and I played fast early on to either get chips or go bust. I hit some hands, went card dead in the middle, and then I got a bit unlucky. First of all, with two tables to go the top 5 chips leaders were at my table. To put it in perspective, the top guy at the other table had T13K. Five guys at my table had over T19,000 (including two with over T30K, and two others (including me) had over T10K. Plus I was sandwiched between a guy who raised a ton and a guy who called with everything. I tightened up, and was dealt aces under the gun. I raised, figuring SOMEONE would call or raise, but no, it was folded around. Then after donking off a quarter of my stack with a questionable position raise and continuation bet, I found kings and went all-in after the guy to my left limped. The chip leader called my big bet, and then, ominously, the guy to my left went all-in. And we all know what that means. He had aces, I had kings, and I was out four from the money. Frustrating.

But I played well pretty much across the board, I was pretty pleased. Enjoyed myself. Made a little money. Looks like it’s gonna rain so, darn it, I can’t mow the lawn now. It’ll keep till tomorrow.

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