I Get Some Satisfaction

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006, 12:10 pm

After my whining to start off yesterday I did go outside and lay in my hammock. For about five minutes, as it was about 135 degrees and the sun bore down as if God was holding a magnifying glass above me. I stopped over my parents’ house, made myself a nice little lunch, and not wanting to expose myself to the Gobi outside my window I played a little air-conditioned poker.

Took second in an SNG, an improvement on my third-place finish from earlier in the day. Again AQ was my downfall, as my opponent held jacks this time instead of kings and I didn’t improve. I had him outchipped by T100 and I wasn’t quite able to battle back. But a cash is a cash, and after I braved the outdoors and did some re-mulching, I decided on a 2-table SNG to pass the time while I furiously rehydrated.

Which I won, thank you very much. Early on I found my stack whittled from T1500 to T1000, but I just waited for a hand at my rather-tight table and doubled through with queens vs. tens. The chips moved back and forth, with me picking up my fair share, but one player put on a suckout display to rival the Luckbox himself. She (I call her she because her name ended in “ette”) was quite shortstacked, but within ten hands her K-10 defeated K-J, her pocket sixes outflopped pocket tens, and she went runner-runner to make a straight and crack aces with A-10. It was something to behold, especially as I’d wisely stayed out of her way.

I finally made a move when I flopped a set of 8’s and check-raised the chip-leader all-in. He made a boo-boo, making a 2K continuation bet into a pot holding only T1200, and that pot-stuck him but good. He called drawing dead, and a few hands later he was out. Tsk.

I lost a chunk of my stack calling a shorty with A-5 and losing to pocket sevens, but I quickly won them back with some strong betting and blind steals. Ah, is there anything nicer than having a player on your right who will surrender her small blind time after time? And a player on your left more than willing to concede his big blind? That’s the situation I found myself in, though to be fair an orangutan could’ve taken the chip lead with all the blinds I was handed.

The suckout queen was eliminated in appropriate fashion–she held aces, the other guy held K-6, and the flop came K-K-6. That left me heads-up for the win with nearly equal stacks, but I bullied him out of five pots in a row to take a big lead, and applied the coup de grace when I called with A-7 against his A-6. Victory, she was mine.

Fascinating how into the game I was. How much fun I had. The stakes were hardly worth mentioning, but I was very focused on winning. The butterflies were in flight when I bluffed at a 2K pot hoping I wasn’t leaning into a check-raise. Hard to imagine how it must feel when there are thousands, millions on the line. While I played I was watching this past week’s WPT event, and poor JC Tran getting beat by a 1-outer (it might not have been a 1-outer, I have to re-watch) to get booted from the Commerce Classic event. Just a brutal beat, and Alan Goehring went on to win. Just as in the previous WPT event, when Michael Mizrachi hit a two-outer to beat Erick Lindgren. And one night I threw in a tape and watched Danny Nguyen somehow win by hitting runner-runner sevens. Among other jaw-dropping suckouts (hitting quad jacks to beat Men the Master’s queens, for example). As Jesse May said, it isn’t the skill in poker you need to come to grips with–it’s the luck. If you can’t handle the luck, you might go crazy.

I noticed something about my own online play. When I play ring games, I tend not to do very well. When I play SNGs, my bankroll goes up. Perhaps, just perhaps, I should stick to SNGs until I get my ring game in better shape. Or, just stick to SNGs and keep on winning. It’s a thought.

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2 Responses to “I Get Some Satisfaction”

  1. StB Says:

    Stick to the SnGs until they get boring. I go with whatever is working best for me and then change up when the tide turns.

  2. Peeved in Pittsburgh Says:

    I enjoy reading you on a daily basis and play low level SNGs also. You are the best poker blogger by far. I had a maddening bad beat yesterday and I have no one else to bitch to so I thought I’d share it with you. About midway through an 18 person SNG I have about T4100. BB has about T7300. I raise with AK on the button. BB calls and everyone else folds. Flop is K 10 6 rainbow. He checks, I bet big, he calls. Turn is a 2, check, I bet big again, he calls, river is an 8 he makes a small bet and at this point I’m pot commited so I shove the rest of my chips in. He calls. That SOB had 6-8 for two pair. If I had my gun handy I might have shot my monitor. Thanks for listening. That is all.

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