Beware the Limper

Sunday, May 21st, 2006, 11:20 pm

I watched most of Game 7 of the Spurs-Mavs series, but when Ginobili hit that three with 32 seconds to go I figured that was that and surrendered to dreamland. So I missed Nowitzki heroics and OT. I did wake up at 2AM with my foot throbbing with pain–yes, I’m not quite done with my plantar fasciitits. Thought I was, felt much better Friday, but Saturday I got stupid and walked around at the Venture Outdoors shindig and overdid it. Bigtime. By the time I crawled (almost literally) to my car I knew I’d made a BIG mistake. The last few days I’ve been limping around like Verbal Kint.

I felt even worse when I read this about the efforts of Tim Duncan:

If you’ve never had plantar fasciitis before, it’s hard to understand just how much pain Tim was in this season. The pain never goes away, it affects you every time you plant, walk, run, or jump. It’s a searing, sometimes-crippling pain that affects just about everything you do. Tim was hurt during these playoffs, never forget that. Plantar issues don’t go away unless you hit the shelf for a few months, and somehow he rose above. Way above.

Wuss = me. Although “searing” is a good way to describe the pain. I woke up in the wee hours in some serious discomfort, but now I’m at least able to hobble. I brought in this microwavable heating-pad thingy and wrapped it around my foot, and it felt so damn good I was lowing like a calf. I can’t imagine running on my bad wheel, let alone jumping.

After work Friday I went to a gathering of Pittsburgh bloggers, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Got to meet some good people who share the blogging bug, talked about Vegas with Mike and Cindy, got to talk to other scribes…it was good to see in person a few of those other disburbed souls blogging in the Burgh.

I’m in the middle of one of my funks, where I start 10 longish pieces and finish none of them. I’m gonna blame my foot. Not that I type with my toes. Jesus, does that sound painful right around now. Hopefully it’ll feel better in the morning and I can get some stuff done.

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3 Responses to “Beware the Limper”

  1. Pokerwolf Says:

    You and Tim Duncan might have the same problems, but you don’t have a professional medical staff to watch over you at all times. I bet he was at least getting cortizone shots if not a better cocktail.

  2. Meek Says:

    Nice title to that post. Gary Carson was blogging in Pittsburgh earlier:

    I take it he didn’t make the meeting?

  3. jjok Says:

    GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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