Now That’s What I Call Penis Envy

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006, 12:15 pm

Though I don’t have all the facts, Bobby Bracelet has been forced to pull down his blog by nefarious forces. I think each of us has posted something on our blogs that we might not want certain people with jurisdiction over our lives to read, and BB has had some rather juicy episodes, has he not? When he wasn’t winning poker tournaments he was cavorting with Playboy bunnies, while having his junk confirmed as huge not once, not twice, but thrice!

What makes this ironic are the incredibly good works he’s done the last few months. If you haven’t heard the story go here to read about the charity work he’s done for a little girl named Peyton Novoa, which has gotten a TON of attention in the poker community. Some of the biggest names in poker have donated goodies you can bid on in a silent auction. I’ve flogged Phil Hellmuth with a wet noodle many a time here, but Phil donated $2,000 and gets a standing O from me. Gavin Smith, the newly-crowned WPT Player of the Year, also made a big donation and is offering a $5K prize pool for a tournament to be held later this year. In Philly, which isn’t too far from Pittsburgh, people. Seats will be auctioned off starting in August. I daresay there will be more info coming about this in the future.

But no good deed goes unpunished, and Bobby’s getting the squeeze. As Sophocles once said, “That’s fuckin’ bullshit”. I think it was Sophocles.

I still haven’t gotten around to changing my URL. Just because I want to, not because the Man is coming down on me with both feet. I’m actually taking a half-day tomorrow, because my very-civilized company gives us extra time off in the summers to use as we like, and I have a half-day to burn before month’s end. I can’t use it this Friday, so I’m taking it tomorrow to watch the Arsenal capture the Champions League against the Barcelona Dragons, or whatever they’re called. I may live-blog the event so JoeSpeaker and Al can follow along as true footie history is made. None of this Premiership spend-a-thon or FA Cup (they still hold that?) rigamarole. The European Championship, bitches. Hey, if Wenger holds the trophy aloft its even money Sir Alex sticks a fork in his eye. Everybody wins.

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5 Responses to “Now That’s What I Call Penis Envy”

  1. AlCantHang Says:

    I’m off tomorrow afternoon to watch the match as well. Should be a great match either way.

  2. JoeSpeaker Says:

    Easy. Just remember who the European Champions are for another 28 hours.

    I’ll be watching from work. Should be a wide-open affair. Nice audition for Henry as he heads to the Nou Camp next year.

  3. G-Rob Says:

    Is “Arsenal” a hockey team?

    I don’t watch hockey.

  4. FatBaldGuy Says:

    I hope it is a good game, but I still remember the times when Arsenal considered a nil-nil draw a satisfactory match. That and one of my ex-bosses [may he roast in Hell] loved Arsenal, so I always rooted against them. Up, the Tractor Boys!

  5. Bob Says:

    Thanks Gene.

    I did post my explanation, although I kept away from a true rant. I plan on pulling it and moving it somewhere where nobody from work can find it, but it should have hit bloglines, and everyone will be able to find it.

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