Ups and Downs…Mostly Downs

Sunday, May 7th, 2006, 12:01 am

After clawing my way back from the brink of oblivion I…ended up going over the brink. No biggie, just lost the freebie money Party gave me. I’d like to say I lost because of bad beats, but sadly that wouldn’t be true. Not exactly. Lost some tough hands. Couldn’t connect with a flop to save my life. Couldn’t catch my draws. Played too timid at times, too aggressive with others. I’m mostly just dicking around for fun and shouldn’t be surprised when I lose.

I busted even though I hit on two ridiculous hands. I’m dealt aces in the big blind. There’s a raise, a re-raise, and I raise the pot. A fold, and the second raiser thinks long and hard. I know he has kings. He suspects aces. He calls, and the flop comes A-7-2. That ace will probably freeze him, and we check through the flop and the turn that brings another seven to fill me up. The river is a very handsome king. I push all-in, knowing that he probably has eels writhing around in his belly. Can he really lay down kings full? He almost did it–but he called. “I knew you had it” he said, disgusted. Well, obviously he didn’t KNOW. He strongly suspected. It wasn’t enough.

A bit later I’m dealt queens, raise, and another guy comes over the top of me. He has to have aces or kings. Can I fold this? Well, if I think he has aces or kings, I should fold. I call. I guess I put him on AK.

The flop comes Q-7-4. I check with Oscar-worthy meekness. He bets the pot, I check-raise, all the money ends up in the middle. The turn card is an ace–oogh. I show my ladies, he shows his cowboys. Whew. Doubled up again.

Which I ended up losing by days end. Oh well, no biggie. Though for the fun I got out of it I should’ve just cashed it out.

Played some beach volleyball last night, just for fun, saw some folks I haven’t seen since last summer. They put a new roof on the place, put in a big-screen TV…I’ll be spending a lot of time there this summer. My Nittany Lions lost the NCAA volleyball championship to UCLA tonight, but UCLA pretty much wins every year.

I’ll be changing the URL of this here site soon, maybe tomorrow or Monday. It’s gonna be, because some sonofabitch took “meangene” and let his blog die and Blogger won’t give it up. I just want to make sure first that I don’t, you know, lose everything I’ve written before the switch. That’d be a goddam hoot. I may do some cutting and pasting and save some stuff in case the unthinkable happens. Well, it’d be unthinkable to me. The rest of the world would press on.

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    Why the reason for the switch? Do you plan on less poker content?

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