I Just Had the Best Run of Cards in My Life

Friday, April 28th, 2006, 11:18 pm

Played some tiny PL Hold-Em tonight. Over an 8-hand period I was dealt:

AK, flopped a king
Pocket eights, flopped top set and made quads on the turn
KJ, flopped trip kings

Nice run of cards.

Too bad I went bust over those eight hands.

Skip the rest of this post. It’s just therapy for me. Move along, nothing to see here.

I flopped a king with the AK, but the board had 2 hearts. I check-raised after the flop, bet the pot when another king came on the turn, and by the time the heart came on the river I had no choice but to put in my nearly-literally two cents. He had the nut flush draw and dutifully chased it all the way home.

No action with the queens. With the aces I re-raised after the UTG dude bumped it up, and the board came Q-Q-4. I led out and after his call I knew I was beat. Didn’t stop me from check-calling him down and stacking off again. He’d raised with QJ then cold-called my raise.

Missed the flop with AK. Got no action with my quads. Missed the flop again with AK. Got no action with my overpair tens. Got no action with my trip kings. The next hand I was dealt 6-10 offsuit and I felt like it was time to call it a night.

I’m pissed at myself. After I lost the first hand I should’ve taken a deep breath. Taken a walk around the room. I didn’t. The guy who sucked out on me left the very next hand, and to be honest that’s what tilted me. Not losing the pot–that only got me listing dangerously to port. But when he bugged out I capsized. I knew my aces were beat with two queens on the board. I pushed my chips in anyway. I didn’t give a fuck.

I rarely tilt. Seriously. I’m a bit tilted all the time anyway, a bad beat sometimes focuses my mind. I’m serious when I say that I’m very disappointed in myself for giving away those chips. I’m not mad. I’m not pissed. I’m not railing at the poker gods. I’m disappointed with myself. The fact that it happens to everybody from time to time is not an excuse in my book. It shouldn’t have happened this time.

Think I’m gonna go gamble the rest of it in an SNG and see if I can salvage something from this night. I did take second in one tonight, maybe I’m due for a win. Or, maybe not.

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  1. Bloody P Says:

    Must be an epidemic.

    I feel ya…

    See my gay girl diary for more of the same…

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