Why I Don’t Gamble

Saturday, March 18th, 2006, 4:12 pm

Took another half-day yesterday, sat in a jam-packed sports bar with four big-screen projection TVs, watching hoops. Gloriousness indeed. The Iowa-Northwestern St. game gets close, then closer, and then the team in purple hits a miracle three from the corner to pull the huge upset and get the whole bar screaming and yelling.

Except for one hangdog in the Iron City shirt. Guess who had Iowa playing for the title?

This is why I don’t gamble. I suck at it. I zig when I should be zagging. Here I am picking teams that made big runs in their conference tournaments (Iowa, Syracuse, Kansas) ignoring the possibility that these teams might be physically and emotionally exhausted and ripe for the pickin’. Sigh. Well, I do have another bracket with Villanova beating Duke for the title, so I’m not totally dead yet Give it a day.

Pitt and WVU both looked very good in winning their games, so I still have a rooting interest as well. I drank way too much, though I paced myself fairly well at the start. But it was a combo drinking day–March Madness and St. Patty’s Day–and I don’t have a hangover and I got home fine, so all in all I must consider yesterday a rousing success. It would’ve been just a wee bit better if that bald Iowa dude had make that second goddam free throw.

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