And The Livin’ Is Good

Thursday, March 16th, 2006, 3:28 pm

Hey hey, you working stiffs. Half-days off today and tomorrow, I’m just chillin’, watching the Madness, drinking Yuengling, playing a little poker. Beautiful day here in the ‘Burgh and what better way to spend it than indoors watching other people exert themselves.

I picked Wichita State, because I’m smart, and cool. Though I do have BC in the Final Four of one of my pools and they’re friggin’ sucking against goddam Pacific. Pacific, my ass.

Damn, baby, I’m running over this micro table. They don’t know what they’re DEALIN’ with here. I’m gonna go get another beer, kick my shoes off, get all comfortable-like. Just wish CBS would switch away from the blowout to the goddam BC game, which is a nailbiter. Idiots.

No, I’m not gonna get mad. I’m gonna get mellow. Smooth it all out. Peace, y’all.

UPDATE: Jesus Christ. CBS FINALLY shows the incredible BC-Pacific game after every damn second of the Wichita St. blowout, and after Craig Smith makes 2 pressure free throws to send it to a second OT…CBS cuts without comment to the Winthrop-Tennessee game.

CBS sucks.

UPDATE UPDATE: Could CBS suck more? Of course they could! Instead of us getting to watch the end of the Winthrop-Tennessee game (I picked Winthrop, by the way) we get yanked back to see the Marquette-Alabama game, with Bama up by ten. Not only that, CBS broke to commercial right in the middle of the action in the Winthrop game, then sent us back to the Marquette game without comment. Incredible. What, Pitt is a Big East school so we get stuck watching every Big East game no matter what.

CBS. It sucks. It sucks large.

UPDATE BLAHBLAHBLAH: Incredible. It’s fucking incredible. Twice Dick Engberg says, “And let’s go to Greg Gumbel in New York!”, and we think we’re going to see the end of the Winthrop game…and nothing happens. We see the Marquette huddle during a time out. Dead air. Then, in the middle of the action, CBS suddenly cuts to the middle of a commercial. We see the commercial, and then there’s a pause, and we pick up the game right in the middle again.

There’s 21 seconds to go in the Winthrop game, and CBS isn’t cutting to it. What the hell is Les Moonves email address?

Oh, now we figured it out. We’re watching the HD feed, and they aren’t switching games on that channel. In-credible. They did it for the earlier games, but not this one. Brilliant.

Go Winthrop!

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4 Responses to “And The Livin’ Is Good”

  1. donkeypuncher Says:

    Life is good sir. I’ve been at a bar, watching the games, since noon. I’ll do the same tomorrow.

    I didn’t have to take time off either. They have wireless Internet here, and I’m , ahem, working.

  2. Fat Dan Says:

    Picked Winthrop as well. Fuckers.

    Went 14 of 16 yesterday. antoher day like that and they can ship me the money.

  3. ~mandakay Says:

    i had syracuse in the final four. um…

    hating march madness, but mostly marquette already. as for cbs, i wish i had the luxury of enjoying the games on television…got my trusty espn gamecast to keep me company.

  4. TripJax Says:

    Watch any game you want on with the live feed they are offering for free. Booya!

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