Friday, March 10th, 2006, 1:33 pm

The featured “Blog of Note” at Blogger right now is the PokerStarsBlog blog. Did I use the word “blog” enough in that sentence? Screw you.

Otis, that bastard, is in Monte Carlo doing his thing during the EPT Championships. Isabelle Mercier made it to the second day, only to have aces cracked TWICE and finally go out against a villain who ended with quad nines. That’s the only way she loses, by the cruelest twists of Fate. I ran to the top of a very tall hill and shook my fist at the heavens, screaming, “You bastard!!!” That should help change her luck going forward.

Odd that I won that MONSTER hand yesterday and yet I’m pretty blase about it. I guess because I had the nuts and didn’t have to make any difficult decisions or get tricky. Another reason is that I was pretty beat and lightly buzzed and it was past my religiously-sanctioned bedtime. Friday’s are always a bit fuzzy for me, after playing and drinking all night I’m pretty much whupped. As I am right now. But tonight I’m just gonna go home, get myself in flannels, and play some poker. Nirvana.

My cousin Noreen is in Vietnam, and seems to be enjoying her trip immensely. Especially the food, which she told me is fantastic. Proof that Vietnam is making progress–she flew from Danang to Hue, and the Vietnam Airlines plane she took was an Airbus. Her guide said, “Russian aircraft are too dangerous”. As you know, I don’t much like flying–you try to get me on a Soviet-era plane made by Tupolev or Illyshin and you’d better have a taser and LOTS of duct tape. Because, brother, I am gonna make a SCENE.

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  1. Garthmeister J. Says:

    Gene, not sure if you know, but Deadspin ( just linked to your article about Bill Simmons (it’s one of a few referenced articles, the first being about the WBC):

  2. willythewise Says:,,26769-2087476,00.html

    Battleship pokeer against Isabelle

    Could you last longer Gene?

  3. Sunil Says:

    I don’t understand Chicken is dielcious- regardless of race. I’m white as the untainted snow and if my chicken was getting blown away by the wind. I would have chased it too except maybe for KFC and their loose definition of chicken I hate chicken getting all this bad press. Sounds to me like deadspin is going for page hits- is it totally irresponsible to label someone a racist for page views? Totally.When you run a blog, you need content- plus deadspin, like BASG is a sports blog. Baseball is over, football happens (for the most part) once a week, basketball season just started and hockey doesn’t move the needle (even more so due to the lock out).I remember doing sports updates this time of year, it is hard- there is not really a lot to report around this time same thing right after the superbowl- dead time in sports.It’s completely stupid that they posted a headline like that- simply for page views. Would be nice if people didn’t stoop to this level- why not write about meaningful topics rather than making stuff up.But I don’t think your average person is going to change their opinions on a topic because of a post on an internet sports blog- and if they do then they are stupid as well.BTW- Jim Durham died total pro. Loved his call of a good dunk.

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