Quick WPT Notes

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006, 11:50 pm

Very good opening episode of the WPT. Chris Bell, keep that man away from the sharp objects. Ted Forrest? Spooky. I don’t even like having the guy looking at me through the TV set, it’s like he’s reading my thoughts through the screen. Gavin Smith? Big shirt. Very big shirt.

Courtney Friel? Uh, she didn’t do so good in this debut episode. After Chris Bell lost his third tough hand in a row and went from chip leader to 3rd place she asked him an inane question “What was it like out there?” with a big smile on her extremely pretty face. Bell looked like he might puke down her cleavage, which made her blinding radiance quite out of place. Nice dress, though. She does know how to fill out a frock.

They need to send Friel and Mike Sexton to interview school. Asking each and every person “howdya feel right now??” no matter the circumstances quickly lapses into parody. I think I’d actually enjoy watching Courtney, lighting up the whole world with her smile, asking a player who just lost a million dollar prize on a 1-outer, “How do you feel right now?”

“I think I wanna die!” sobs the poor bastard.

Courtney gives us that half turn so that we go from her fantastic profile to a breathtaking three-quarters shot and then back to her profile. “So what was it like out there?”

“I think I WANNA DIE!”

“Back to you, Mike and Vince!”

I was going to tape the Monty Python shows at nine and the WPT at midnight, but my PBS station preempted for some Irish dude selling DVDs. Then I turn it on and the have Roy Orbison’s Black and White Night show, which I would’ve taped had I know it was friggin’ on. Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen and two other guys I can’t place. I think I saw Tom Waits too. Yup, there he is. Jackson Browne? Bonnie Raitt. k.d. lang? Bet that was a hard ticket to score. I can just imagine the show ends, Courtney Friel runs up on stage and asks Roy, “So what was it like out there?”

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