Give A Little Back to Detroit

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006, 12:41 pm

As part of his cynical, relentless quest to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Pauly is asking the poker blogging community to help out our good friend the Boy Genius, who just had surgery and who hasn’t been able to eat pizza or wings or anything good for weeks because of his gasterointestinal (well, mostly intestinal) problem. Making a small donation to BG will help defray some of his medical costs which, even though he has insurance, will make a dent in his prosciutto budget.

I’m also asking any Pittsburghers reading my Super Bowl ramblings to contribute if they play online and have the means, because BG is from Detroit and that city treated us so well the past few days. Particularly by being convieniently located just 300 miles away. And in our moment of glory let’s pause and think on what it must be to be a Lions fan, without a really good team since the days when girls put on poodle skirts to wear to the sock hop.

Details on how to contribute are here at Pauly’s. He’s one step closer to Stockholm.

As for me, I got a parade to attend.

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  1. Garthmeister J. Says:

    God I miss a good sock hop.

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