Quote of the Year

Monday, February 6th, 2006, 12:18 pm

I’m sorry, I’m probably going to be a pest the next few days, if you aren’t interested in Steeler gloryfing you may want to stay away the next few days. How about this–I promise not to write anything Steeler related after Wednesday. I’m going to the parade tomorrow, I’ll write something about that and be done with it. I care enough about my readers to give them a heads up.

Anyway, this is the football quote of the year. This came after Cinci beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh on December 4th:

“It’s time for a change,” Cincinnati receiver Chad Johnson said. “It’s like going from a black and white TV to a color TV. It was Pittsburgh; it’s Cincinnati now, and it’ll probably be that way for a while now.”

We now cancel the Heavy Irony Alert.

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