A Possible Declaration of Shenanigans

Friday, February 3rd, 2006, 2:46 pm

There a story on ESPN.com (which also appeared in Bluff Magazine) that I have some trouble believing. Rather than summarize it here just go read it:

The Ultimate Bad Beat

Now, is this kosher? If the betting is over, and you show your hand, and it’s the winning hand, can you THEN concede the pot? Once you’ve shown the table that you indeed have the best hand, can you give up the pot by tossing the cards in the muck? If she had just mucked without showing and then SAID she had pocket kings, well, OK, there’s no way to know for sure. But I would think that the moment she exposed her cards, the moment everyone saw that she had quads, the hand would have crossed the demarcation line in the space/time continuum and would now be Over. She would no longer have control over events, because the events had already arrived at their conclusion.

I will admit that I’m no expert on playing in casinos, but this doesn’t seem to be logical. If I’d been at the table I would’ve freaked. I would’ve demanded my share of the jackpot. To the point of threatening legal action. The conditions were met, the hand was witnessed by several casino employees…I want my money. Or maybe I’m totally in the wrong here. Enlighten me.

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