One More

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006, 11:49 pm

What a game. In the title games the Steelers have lost over the years, they’ve made huge mistakes that killed their chances to win. They didn’t make those mistakes today. The pass that Champ Bailey missed, which Ward caught on the rebound, was a huge play. It could’ve been 7-0 Denver. Then Parker fumbles…but he’s down by contact. Again, a huge play that in years past went against us. Reed nails a 47-yard FG and those points are like found money.

What can you say about Roethlisberger? The pass to Cedrick Wilson for the first TD was magnificent. The pass to Ward at the end of the half was Montanaesque. He kept converting third downs and kept the clock moving. It was Steeler football–get the lead, and shorten the game. Even though we couldn’t run much against the Bronco defense, Big Ben passed enough even in the 2nd half to keep the ball out of Denver’s hands.

Of course there were anxious moments, there always are. When we got inside Denver’s 40 twice without points I got nervous, even though we were able to take a good 7 minutes off the clock on those drives. But Reed’s second FG made it a three possesion game, which was much needed breathing room. And then Plummer throws the pick the play after that long kick return, which had my stomach ready to move into reverse.

And then, just as in the Colts game, the defense brought the beatdown when we needed it most, sacking Plummer on 3rd and 4th downs deep in Denver territory. The bootleg call was fantastic, I could see as Big Ben turned the corner that he’d get there. And that was the game. Bedlam.

I’m beat, I have to tell you. True, I drank about 8 beers, played ten games of ping-pong pre- and post-game, and I ate very well on burgers and chili and kielbasa. But I burned off A LOT of nervous energy, as the sports fans among you I’m sure can understand.

One more game. That’s what Cowher told Steeler owner Dan Rooney on the sideline after the Chin got hit with the Gatorade. Believe you me, the Steelers will be ultra-focused in Detroit. No resting on the laurels. One for the Thumb and all that. But this has been a special few weeks for a sports fanantic like me. For the whole city, actually. After so many tough losses, a fantastic win. And now we all want just one more. Just one.

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6 Responses to “One More”

  1. Easycure Says:

    You’re not gonna get the next one. The Seahawks are gonna squash your little Steeler team. It’s a joke that the Steelers are 3.5 point favorites, because Seattle is clearly the best team.

    I’m happy for you, Gene, but the run for your boys is over.

  2. maf212 Says:

    hey Mene Gene, you just keep the above comment about our Steelers, and make sure you re-post it in two weeks. I don’t want to miss the chance to point out someone’s lack of respect for the Steelers.

  3. Mike Says:

    Sorry, Gene, got to root against the Steelers. You see, I’m a Cowboys fan. Can’t have those damn Steelers getting 5 before us.

  4. skitch Says:

    Hmm… must find ways to disrupt Yuengling supply chain and keep all cans out of Mean Gene’s hands…

  5. skitch Says:

    Oh yeah…

    GO ‘HAWKS!


  6. Mike Says:

    Of course, I meant 5 with us, not before us. Duh.

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