Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Thursday, December 29th, 2005, 1:31 pm

Just read a thing on ESPN that Joseph Hachem will not have to pay a dime of income tax on the $7.5 million he won for the WSOP. Why not? Because the Australian Taxation Office decided that Hachem’s poker playing was a hobby, not an occupation, and therefore is not open to taxation. Are you friggin’ kidding me? That’s like winning the lottery AFTER winning the WSOP. I’m not up on Australian tax codes (one of my New Year’s resolutions) but here in the US of A he’d be paying, what? Three, four million of that in tax? I’m not up on my US tax codes either, I just know that I’m not super-rich enough to merit IRS coddling and forehead-stroking. Then again, I’m probably not under doubleplussecret NSA surveillance. Until now. Yeah, I probably am now. Smooth move, Geno.

My cousin sent me a link that pissed me off pretty good. Editor and Publisher wrote that Copley News Service is starting a weekly syndicated poker column. Different pros (starting with Chris Ferguson) will answer three questions about the game each week. That’s fine. But at the bottom of the piece the writer says that poker columns are one of the fastest growing syndication catergories, and lists a number of columnists. Steven Rosenbloom, Jim McManus, Chuck Blount, Hellmuth, Negreanu. Where the hell is MY name? I’ve been writing a column for Barstool Sports for like 7 months now. I don’t rate? OK, I haven’t written anything for a few weeks, but that will change. I’m gonna email the author of the piece and go all apeshit krayzee on him.

Here’s how stupid I am–I was going to sign up for Wil’s tournament Monday night, but decided to wait in case something came up and I couldn’t make it (which is exactly what happened). As I looked over the tournament listings I saw one called “Donkey’s Always Draw”, and I smiled thinking that these were people after my own heart. Turns out it WAS a blogger tournament after all and I missed it, even after several folks mentioned it. Instead of getting my head stove (staved?) in last night playing shorthanded I could’ve enjoyed a little chip-stripping with the gang. Congrats to change100 for junk-grabbing her way to victory. Sorry about my brother zapping you in Vegas, by the way. Well, somewhat sorry.

Possibly no poker tonight, I have volleyball and beforehand I need to do some running around. I think instead of playing I examine yesterday’s play in PokerTracker and see where the mistakes were made. It’s not gonna be pretty, I can tell you that. But you gotta take the medicine.

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4 Responses to “Aussie Aussie Aussie!”

  1. TripJax Says:

    Yeah we missed you there. I’ll let you know when we plan another one. We’re looking at possibly a PL Omaha 8 Or Better tournament in about 2 weeks to change it up. Will let you know for sure.

    Glad you liked the name of the tournament!

  2. change100 Says:

    It was your brother with the pocket kings?!

    He haunts my dreams.

  3. drewspop Says:

    Was wondering when the next Barstool Sports column was coming. Sounds like soon, glad to hear it.

  4. Heafy Says:

    Just to make it clear, Joe Haschem actually had to pay 30% tax in the US on the $7.5 Million. The Australian Tax Office decided not to tax him on what was left after that because of the reasons you stated. In the end, he pocketed about $7 million Australian dollars, instead of $7.5 Million US dollars.

    Poor Joe.

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