The Luckbox Cometh

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005, 12:06 am

So I’ve been running good lately–but not just at poker. For Christmas our boss gave each of us a scratch-off lottery ticket along with a card, and I won ten bucks. Then tonight I went out to a local sports bar to dine with friends in from Jersey. They offer something called the Las Vegas Burger, which is a nice burger indeed, with bacon and barbacue sauce. Everyone wanted me, the big gambler, to order it, so I did. There’s an added little twist with the Vegas Burger–after you finish you get to roll two dice to see what you pay. Roll a seven, it’s four bucks. Roll an eleven, it’s free. Anything else, eight bucks.

I let the dice fly, and of course a six and a five popped up, and my tablemates made very merry indeed. The fries were good too.

I missed Wil Wheaton’s tournament so I decided to play another heads-up SNG. Let’s just say my mano-e-mano skills need work. I got smoked in about 10 hands. I didn’t win a single one. Now, in my defense, the guy got cards and I didn’t. He didn’t fold once (obviously) and he kept catching cards after calling my bets on the flop. I lost a big chunk when I flopped top pair with QJ and he had pocket kings, and another chunk when I had A-7, flopped a seven, and he caught an eight on the river. I think I hit a pair on half the flops and he either had an overpair or caught a higher pair on the turn. As I typed as the last hand played out, “Not much I could do there”.

So I decide to sit two short-handed games and the deck is hitting me in the face. I just won a monster pot when I had KK, flopped top set, and made a full house on the turn with a card that gave another guy an ace-high flush. This is another thing I need to work on–when I get up during a session I find myself getting gunshy. I want to preserve my win instead of going after every vulnerable chip at the table. Ah well, guess I have more to learn about than just heads-up play. Ah, and my aces just got cracked by Q-5 offsuit. Yeah, maybe I’ll bail before I really screw this up.

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