Heads Up, Tail Down

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005, 12:42 am

I decided to play a couple heads-up SNGs, figuring that my ferocity would carry me to victory. Well, I went 1 for 3, which is a good afternoon’s work for a leadoff hitter but ain’t much good for a poker player. The one I won was fun, the guy I was playing didn’t raise preflop. Ever. Well, he raised all-in a few times when I got him down to about T400, but he played superpassive and I took pot after pot after pot. I’d wager I won 90% of the pots, and about 90% of those without showing down. “This is easy,” I thought. “I am a very good poker player, very good indeed.”

But the two I lost could be chalked up to my total blinkered stupidity. In the first I flopped trips, checked the turn in the hopes of trapping him good, and instead of winning a T100 pot I went bust after he filled his awkward gutshot on the river. Brilliant. In the second I had A-5, flopped an ace, and didn’t believe the other guy when he called and then raised me on the turn. I had a draw to the wheel, which I missed, and when he went all-in I went with my original read and put him on a busted flush draw. Uh, no. He had A-10 and I couldn’t fight all the way back with just T400.

I did do well in the ring games, giving me a nice win to show for my night’s work. But those two brain cramps will make me toss and, perhaps, even turn before I go to sleep. Back to work tomorrow after a nice long weekend. I feel like I accomplished absolutely nothing the past four days, and that feels pretty good. Well, I did a little actual productive work, I have laundry a-tumblin’ right now, but I decided to indulge myself in a little sloth the past few nights. I’m sure my ambition will return after New Year’s.

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