Worst. Hand. Ever.

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005, 12:04 am

Four handed in a SNG, I’m low man on the totem pole but I’m OK. Guys I’m playing against are pretty savvy, they do tricky things like check-raising and betting out with made hands, stuff you don’t often see in the junior-high levels I play at. I’m having fun, everything’s under control now that I understand the lay of the land.

And then I play the worst hand of my freakin’ life. I have 9-4 in the big blind, and after everyone else calls I check. The flop comes A-A-9, with two spades. There’s about T800 in the pot, I only have about T2200. Check, check, and the little blind throws out a timid T200.

Here I lose my mind. I push all-in, raising by, oh, T2000. Now, what’s going to happen here? Either I win the hand, which I could’ve done by raising just a wee bit, or I’m going to get called by a better hand. Which is precisely what happens, he turns over an ace and I’m toast. Oy. That’s the sort of jackassery I should avoid without thinking.

So I play a ring game hoping to win my entry back, get up nicely, then go back to par by trying to out-maniac the maniacs flanking me. I will now slam my hand in a door before going to bed.

Yeesh, the maniac to my left just won a monster pot with the Hammer. Runner-runner sevens to beat a flopped King. He didn’t shout it out, poor form.

Good Lord, did anyone else see the ad for PokerTime, which I guess is this new online room? Some jackasses in a bar, some jackass singing a song to the tune of “The Gambler”? How do advertising folk come up with garbage like this? How could a reasonable business person look at that ad and say, “Yes, that’s how I want to present my company to the world!”. Maybe I need another MBA.

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  1. High Plains Drifter Says:

    Hey, when you’re playing bad players at low limits, you are more susceptible to making a bad move at the wrong time. Sinking to the level of your competition.

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