As Ready As I’ll Ever Be

Thursday, December 8th, 2005, 1:45 pm

Went to the bank yesterday to withdraw some lucre, and the teller said I was the 3rd person that day to yank out C-notes for a trip to Vegas. We’ll all probably be on the same plane. I got a haircut, just a trim, leaving me sleek as an otter. Did my laundry, assembled my wardrobe for the next 3 days, and all I have to do now is stuff it all in the suitcase. I have various drugs and tintures on hand. My brother is obtaining some additional liquid medicinals. I have a folder filled to bursting with printouts and blog posts and other errata to make my first trip to Vegas all that it can be. I read some “Small Stakes Hold-Em” before I turned in early last night.

So, I’m ready. I’m nervous about the snow inbound. I’m nervous about the plane ride. But I’m ready for Vegas. For me the time has flown by, which is odd, but I guess combining terror with excitment is an interesting emotional cocktail. Well, I’m not “terrified” to fly, and after a few preboarding cocktails I should be OK, but I think my fear of flying has turned my Vegas wait into a perfect example of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (apologies, I don’t know if it’s the General or Special Theory). Time does indeed flow differently depending on the observer. If Vegas was a 5-minute car ride away, I’d probably be chewing on my keyboard right now as the minutes calcified into hours. If Vegas was positioned along the event horizon of a black hole, I wouldn’t care, knowing that it might take an infinite amount of time to reach Sin City. But because it’s located somewhere in the middle (somewhere), my trepidation has somewhat cancelled out my anticipation. Of course Vegas fun > flying fear, but the flying part comes first and therefore its power is much magnified.

OK, I’m going to post this, rather than continue on to what looked to be a 1,000-word insane rambling about Relativity. I got work to do before I leave. So, Vegas ho! If you read this blog and aren’t attending this weekends baccanal, I may be posting a bit here and there. I will have access to a laptop. Whether I’ll have access to my faculties is another matter.

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3 Responses to “As Ready As I’ll Ever Be”

  1. Ken P Says:

    “I will have access to a laptop. Whether I’ll have access to my faculties is another matter.”

    The nominal difference being the access to a laptop? :)_

  2. ciscoblog Says:

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  3. Says:

    woah! get a grip Gene! Good luck in VEGA$$$$

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