It’s Not a Good Day To Fry

Thursday, November 24th, 2005, 11:36 pm

We’ve fried a turkey the last 2 Thanksgivings, but today was a no-go. It wasn’t the 20-degree temperatures, I could solve that with the brute force of propane. No, it was the 25MPH swirling winds that did us in. Couldn’t keep the flame lit, and when it was lit it flickered like a…flickering thing. So we just baked the sucker. And as I just had a taste I can say it was pretty good.

I just watched most of the Full Tilt Monte Carlo event. Loved the scarf Phil Hellmuth wore. One thing you don’t often see are poker players succesfully accessorizing, but Phil did it brilliantly. John Juanda looked like he was auditioning for The Sopranos. Devilfish Ulliot said a few choice words after he was eliminated, and unfortuately those words were picked up by his mike. Methinks Fox Sports Net is hoping they don’t get a call from the FCC in the near future. Not that most poker players would be offended by the F-word.

I just uttered a few F-words myself. I decided to play a little 3-table SNG, and on the first hand I’m dealt AK. I raise, two people call, and then a limper re-raises. But not much, so I pop it again. He calls. An ace on the flop and all my money goes in. He calls and turns over KK. Unlucky for him, though he probably shouldn’t have gone broke. The ace should’ve shut him down, but, again, I play low-limit events and there’s a strong “whathafuck?” element in the game.

So I more than double up. A few hands later I’m dealt AK, raise, get one caller. An ace on the flop, I bet, get called. The board pairs threes on the turn, but I have no fear of it and put the guy in. He calls, and turns over A-10. Sweet. He only has three outs and I’m gonna be up over T4500…oops, there’s his ten. So I’m back where I started.

I end up going out when I raise with JJ and get two callers, with one guy all-in. The flop comes 10-high and I go all-in. The other dude calls, and they turn over A-J and A-Q. Guy called half his stack with nothing? It matters not when he goes runner-runner for his straight, and I’m out. F-word, F-word, F-word.

Frustrating. I keep reading about bloggers winning tournaments left and right (well, for “bloggers” read “CJ“), and then my brother took 5th place in a 1000-person MTT the other night. Everyone posting big tournament wins and I can’t get traction against a bunch of yummies. Frustrating.

But minor in the big scheme of things. Actually , quite minor in the little scheme too.

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  1. Boobie Lover Says:

    FCC has no jurisdiction over cable, or the Internet for that matter. So, fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

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