Was It Something I Said?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005, 1:02 pm

It’s something of a joke among my friends that any company fool enough to hire me is doomed. This isn’t quite fair–it’s true that the store I worked at in high school went belly-up, as did the store where I worked briefly after college. The department store I worked at after that shut down the division I worked for, albeit five years after I left. I think that’s the complete roster of companies who collapsed after I toiled for them. Not much of a list, actually.

Well, add one more. Oddjack is walking off into the virtual sunset. I wrote there last week–and now it’s toast. Am I to blame? Depends who you talk to.

I feel like I let the team down. I didn’t get one threatening email for anything I wrote. I didn’t rise to the occasion. “Mean” Gene, indeed.

You know that somewhere Josh Arieh is looking off into the distance with a glass of chilled Sanserre in his hand, a private smile on his face as he realizes one more obstacle in his path to global hegemony has been removed.

Know what I’m gonna do tonight? Well, I get out of work early, so I may do some light shopping. Probably stop at Borders for a chocolately drink and cleanse my soul wandering through all those books. And then, if no one calls with a drinking invite, I’m gonna go home, get in my flannels, and play poker all night long. Maybe grab some Chinese food (a good pre-Thanksgiving feed), enjoy the silence in my empty house (well, except for those three bastard cats who are gonna be orbiting goddam Neptune if they don’t let me sleep), and play a little poker. Ahh. One of those oasises of gentle delight life carves out of the monotony every once in awhile. Ahh, indeed.

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2 Responses to “Was It Something I Said?”

  1. bkopec Says:


    You’re from Pittsburgh. Everything non-big box is closing or closed.

    Cheers anyway.

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