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Saturday, November 19th, 2005, 1:29 am

Ecch, I can’t believe I wrote that title.

Not much blogging this week because I’ve been pinch-hitting over at Oddjack the last two days. Tuesday night I was out looking for salami and bologna (I was at the grocery store, you sickos) and my cell phone rings. Lo and behond it’s the Boy Genius asking if I can lend a hand for a few days. I’m always one to pitch in when the need arises, and so I’ve just spent two days furiously clattering away. If for some reason you want to read what I’ve been up to, here are the links:

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Jesse Ventura To Take One For The Team
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WPT Wannabe

Kudos to the people who actually wrote the stuff I linked to. I definitely added some grey hairs the last two days.

And then I sat down to play some poker and had One Of Those Nights. I thought the Wil Wheaton tournament was at 7, when in fact it was at 4. So I missed that. I’ve been wanting to get more experience in multi-table events so I plunked down a whole buck to play in a 45-person SNG. I doubled up midway thru when I check-raised with the Hammer and got called by aces. I cracked those aces when I made a wheel on the river and I was on my way. I’m playing these micro-multis to crank up my aggression, and I started bossing my table and before too long I had the chip lead.

Then my computer froze. Got back on and seized the chip lead again. I was up about T5000 over my nearest competitor when I was dealt AK suited. I raised, and the #2 chip dude went all-in. He’d been doing this a lot, and I thought he might be making a move. I don’t think I should’ve called with AK anyway, I still would’ve had a big chip lead. I called, he had jacks, and I lost the race. Two hands later I was dealt A-Q in the big blind, went all-in, and got called by aces. In three hands I went from the dominant chip leader to out on the bubble. That’s some good pokering, folks.

OK, so I decided to play some micro NL. Got some cards, quickly doubled up. Then I lost 1/2 of that when I made an ace high flush when the ten of diamonds popped up on the river. I bet, dude went all-in, I called, and he turned over pocket tens which gave him a full house. Oops. Later on I flopped trip 8s, got all the money in and had the guy hit his two-outer to make trip kings. Then I cracked my own aces by limping and letting three other players see a cheap flop. Lost to 9-5. As poorly as poker can be played, is how I played tonight. Time to rock myself to sleep.

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