Wil Wheaton Owes Me Eighty-Eight Bucks

Friday, November 11th, 2005, 11:34 pm

And he paid up right away, too. I took 4th out of 110 in tonight’s Wil Wheaton PokerStars extravaganza. I played tight (saw 10% of the flops), played well (won 7 of 8 showdowns, losing only my last one) and got lucky (was all-in with A-4 against A-3 and I believe Bob Respert’s KK, and flopped an ace). I also won a couple 3-way pots that built my stack. Lots of wild play, for the longest time we couldn’t lose anyone at the final table because the shortstacks kept hitting the flop. And then, after the break, folks started dropping like flies. My last hand was not one to write home about–I only had T6000 after paying my 3k big blind, and I held 8-2. Of course I pushed, and found myself up against pocket deuces. Eww…and I was out.

Here’s the weird part–I wasn’t supposed to play tonight. I went to the mall after work, just browsing, looking for some new threads. Need something sharp to wear in Vegas. I found a few items, including a Calvin Klein shirt that I liked a lot. Didn’t like the price tag though–it cost eighty-eight bucks. Some weird synchronicity there. Tho it was on sale, so, maybe not. Hmm, maybe a return trip to the mall is in order.

Anyway, I didn’t get home till right about 7PM. By the time I logged on and got Stars up and running it was 7:01. But, thank the Buddha, they have late registration so I registered late. And bulled my way to the final table.

Got bluffed by the Hammer early on, and then I won a nice pot midway thru after I flopped a seven and had someone call my all-in with two overcards, and then I raised UTG with it and had everyone fear my strength.

That was fun. Good time. Plump out the roll a wee bit. Mean Gene, indeed.

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