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Friday, November 4th, 2005, 9:24 pm

Finished 60th in the Wil Wheaton event at PokerStars. Had some chips, went cold, and then had 2 hands where I went all-in, got called, and had my opponent turn over the same hand. Flop comes 10-10-9, I have A-9, I bet, he raises, I figure he doesn’t have a ten or an overpair, I push, he thinks, thinks, thinks, and then calls. I wince but then I see our hands mirror each other and I’m safe. Then, getting short, I push all-in in the big blind with AK. Get called, see my foe turn over AK. Chopsocky. Next hand I’m in the small blind, get dealt pocket jacks, and after a raise and a call I push. The early-position raiser goes all-in in about a microsecond and I know I’m in trouble. He has aces, I don’t get jack, I’m done.

Moral of the story? Sometimes you run into aces.

Man, did poor Maudie get cow-kicked. She’s in a hand, flop comes Q-10-10. There are some teasing bets and calls as we get to the river. After the river Timinator99 bets $500 into a pot with I think about $1500. Maudie does her Tiffany Williamson impression and takes a long time before raising. Timinator goes all-in, Maudie calls. Maudie turns over pocket queens…and Timinator turns over pocket tens for the flopped quads. THAT’S a tough hand. Now Maudie knows how Jennifer Harman feels–and I don’t mean getting a quick trim from Marco Traniello.

Uh, by that I meant a haircut. That’s what he does for a living…you’re sick.

I’m playing some poker with workfolk tomorrow, some $10 tournaments. So this was good practice. No more butting my head against aces, I’m so past that.

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