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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005, 1:28 am

During my poker hiatus I wondered if I’d ever really get into playing again. A little success goes a long way toward whetting the appetite. The other night I played a SNG, played well, played aggressive, and found myself heads-up with about a 3-1 chip lead. I didn’t win, which cut me to the quick, but I really only made one bonehead play (let myself get trapped against an overpair). I was down 3-1, came back to take the lead, and got crippled when my top pair fell against a flopped set. I fought the good fight, and, hey, it’s nice to make money.

Tonight I played a quicky before bed. First hand I’m dealt KK under the gun. Like a doofus I only raise 3x the big blind, meaning I have an army of callers. Flop comes queen-high, I bet big, get raised, and another guy calls the raise. I go all-in, they both call. One guy has a straight draw, the other second pair. Wow. The river is kind and I triple up.

From that point on me and another player collected chips until we were heads up, with him up about 3-2. I then win about 10 hands in a row without a showdown. That’s some fun poker. I went way up, let him nearly get back to even again, and then I made a straight on the river that he somehow escaped that put me back in control. Then came the hand that sealed the deal. Yes, I was dealt the Hammer and he didn’t raise my blind. Flop comes with two deuces. I check, he bets, I call. The turn is a lovely seven. He bets, I call. On the river he bets a bit more, I raise him all-in, he folds. Modesty prevented me from showing it. A few hands later it’s ovah.

Watched the WSOP tonight…how the hell did some of these players make it so deep? I remember reading Pauly and Otis talking about Tiffany Williamson taking forever to make a decision on a hand (there may have been more than one, actually), and the hand they showed tonight was insane. What on God’s Green Earth was she thinking about? OK, maybe KJ is her lucky hand. She’s got history with it. But does it take that long to listen to your gut, or your heart, because she wasn’t using her brain, that’s for damn sure. There’s been a raise from early positio, a re-raise, and finally an all-in. Exactly what hand do you think this guy has? You are crushed against the big pairs, dominated by AK, and in bad shape against AQ. Against little pairs you’re on the short end of a coin flip. Unless you think the guy has gone loco and is on a stone bluff, you’re putting your entire tournament at risk in a position where AT BEST you’re a small dog. It was extremely bizarre to see her chew this decision over for so long. And she’s lucky they didn’t kill her hand when she wandered over to the gallery.

Didn’t get a chance to tape tonight’s episodes, perhaps more nonsense when I see them again. Joe Stillman I think proved the point I made in an earlier post that it’s impossible to look sharp while wearing a basketball jersey. Unless you’re playing hoops. Which he wasn’t.

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7 Responses to “Poker is Nice…I Love Play Poker”

  1. Wes Says:

    I am fairly certain when I look in the dictionary under “donkey”, there is a picture of Tiffany Williamson alongside it.

  2. DuggleBogey Says:

    There should be a law against MANUFACTURING basketball jerseys that fit a guy who’s 5’8″ and weights 380…

    It’s an ATHLETIC jersey, and this guy was the anathema of “athletic.”

  3. Maria Says:

    Tiffany Williamson is a lawyer in real life. Probably explains a lot about her inability to make gut decisions.

  4. Daddy Says:

    How about all the crying so far this year?

    I actually broke down in tears of pity watching these guys sob like the bitches that they are.

  5. StB Says:

    I am not sure what I liked best. The guy who was having the serious emotional breakdown, whining about playing perfect poker for 3 days and then going out with A Q- something he swore he would never do! Or fat boy Stillman making a big deal of calling his pocket deueces raise with A 10. how do you push with the A on the board and not expect to be called? Talk about the donkey braying about the mule.

  6. TripJax Says:

    Your title is my favorite line from last years WSoP. I find myself saying it even when I’m doing non poker related stuff. So good.

    This year, my favorite is the Japanese lady saying Aw-Ren.

  7. Mourn Says:

    Stillman would have a hard time looking sharp in a Tux and tails with a martini in his hand. Especially after he opened his mouth.

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