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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005, 12:19 pm

My latest column is up at Barstool Sports. Wow, they have a nice-looking young woman on the cover this week. And they have some sort of “25 Hottest Women…of Some Sort…In Boston” issue as well. I didn’t get a good look because I’m at work on my lunch hour and I don’t want to get canned. My column is about the benefits PokerTracker and a certain Guide can have on your game.

I mentioned that my brother is coming along with me to Vegas. He’s made an appearance on these pages before, maybe I’ll get another guest post out of him before the trip. It occurs to me that I’ve never played against my brother in a “serious” poker game…wait…yes we did, we were seated at the same table at a blogger thingy at PokerStars. He flopped a set and won a nice pot early on. Oh yeah, and he killed me in the one home game I hosted. Bastard. I’d better be careful playing against him…nah, if he gets on a roll I’ll order him a series of Irish coffees. Game, set, match, Mr. Mean Gene.

Here’s the post my brother wrote, Confessions of a Dangerous Fish

A long post coming, maybe tonight, about this blogging thing we all do.

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  2. Chico Says:

    Yo your brothers article was the best ever. It was so good I wish I didnt kill myself and make my son turn in to a big wussy. Even though he is snaking Buffy

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