Sunday, October 23rd, 2005, 7:28 pm

I didn’t win the PokerStars Online Poker Blogger Tournament.

I guaranteed that I would. But I didn’t.

Oh God.

O.J. really DID kill Nicole. He did. He’s not out there searching for the “real” killers. He’s not. He did it. Oh, God.

I had fun. I enjoy playing big multi tournaments. Played a lot of pots early on, my table was very loose, very passive. Until a guy with the handle Zimmer4141 went all in after the flop with an overpair against a guy holding AQ. Guy hit an ace on the turn and Zim went nuts, filling the chat box with a diatribe about how Poker Stars is fixed, that’s why he never plays there, he wins everywhere else, etc etc.

No skin off my nose, until he started going all-in every hand. I picked up pocket nines, raised, and Zim raised like T1800. Into a T100 pot. What to do…maybe have him crushed and double up, or get crippled ten minutes in? I folded.

I never really got it goin’. Flopped the nut flush, got a few chips, hit trip outta the big blind and got a few more. But I didn’t double up. And then I got moved to a table with three huge stacks who raised every pot. I had to wait for a hand, and when I got one (aces) I got to raise 3 limpers and got one caller. A ragged flop, I go all in, he calls with Presto. I haven’t played a pot in 2 orbits, I raise big and push after a flop with 3 overcards…I am not getting the proper respect.

Lots of players I thought were pretty solid got knocked out as I sat there waiting for a hand. I made it as deep as I did mostly by playing supertight (played 15 out of 136 pots out of the blinds) and pushing when I had a hand. It worked pretty well, and when I doubled up with A-10 against 4-6 (I know) to get to about T6000. But I gave up a baby ace when I tried to steal the blinds and got put all in, and an orbit later I pushed with KQ suited against the blinds. Got called with pocket sevens, and didn’t get so much as a breath of hope. Out. Despair. The usual.

I’m watching Professional Poker Player Chris Halverson (yeah, he hasn’t been playing, right) bob and weave his way to the final 36. Just shows you what can be accomplished when you go pro.

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  1. Kid Dynamite Says:

    hey Mean Gene – pleasure playing with you. I coasted in to 16th!

    Kid Dynamite

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