Awesome Weekend

Monday, October 17th, 2005, 2:40 pm

Those of you with functional bullshit detectors see the sarcasm in the title above. Horrible sports weekend for yours truly. First the usual Ann Arbor shaftjob. Then we learn Derrick Williams is out for the year with a fractured wing. The winless Penguins continue to March as though they’d been hit with a hammer above their collective beak. We then move to the Steeler fiasco, with Tommy Maddox lumbering around Heinz Field as though he was auditioning for a new Troy McClure flick to be titled, “The Quarterback Was Frankenstein!”

My limited poker play was just as painful. Second-best hands continue to haunt me. Though not as bad as the guy at my table who flopped the nut flush and had the cards come runner-runner to give another guy the straight flush, the betting capped to the bitter end. That hurt. As did the hand that knocked me out of a SNG I played, when I flopped top pair holding AQ and got trapped by a dude who flopped a set. Trapped me but good.

There was poker on TV, I watched it instead of seeing the Houston Texans smooth the way for Dom Capers’ inevitable sacking. The Full Tilt Poker thingy was on yet again, and as I’ve never watched it, I watched it. Nothing much to comment on, except for Phil Gordon’s galloping heart rate. They were all hooked up to monitors and on one hand, where Gordon held pocket jacks, his pulse rate was around 165. WOW. Gordon even said during a brief interview that he knows his heart goes like a hummingbird’s, but that seems like a really high number. Could this be due to his height, which is considerable? I dunno, because I’m not a goddam doctor. Maybe I’ll ask my friend the goddam doctor at our game tonight. Gotta give Phil credit–you couldn’t tell from his face that he had a jackhammer pounding away inside his thorax.

I think I got my dad a heart monitor for Christmas a few years back, maybe I’ll see if I can borrow it and wear it for the Poker Stars Blogger Tournament on Sunday. My heart rate will probably be the only thing worth reporting from my end. I’m not playing at a very high level right now. No sir.

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  1. Tapin Says:

    The only thing more fun than watching Michigan win on Saturday is hearing people in PA whining about it. Repeatedly.

    The officiating was bad in several key spots — for both teams. No way in hell did Henne fumble that ball, and if that’s called correctly (he was down before the ball was out) Penn State never even takes the lead.

    As for the phantom two seconds — well, if the guy in seat seven doesn’t sit down and ask to be dealt in in the cutoff, you get rockets on that hand, right? The two events aren’t connected in any meaningful fashion, despite attempts to draw connections.

    Penn State was the 8th-ranked team in the country, and Michigan was unranked. Michigan, I’m sorry to say, is /not/ a very good team this year. It’s a pity Penn State didn’t play top-ten football, eh?

    (To be fair, though, the injury sucks. Have they said when it happened, yet? ‘Cause it sounds like Williams was catching passes with it broken at the end of the game — hardcore, man, hardcore.)

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