Oh, You Again

Thursday, October 13th, 2005, 10:10 am

Remember a few days ago I wrote about an elderly gentleman who flagged me down on my way to work asking for a ride to town? I nearly killed him this morning. I was cruising down River Road, following an 18-wheeler at a safe distance, and suddenly there he was, in the same blue overalls, staggering into traffic. The truck hid him from view until I was nearly on top of him, and if I hadn’t swerved I think my passenger rear-view mirror would’ve clipped him. To be fair, the car behind me came even closer to clobbering him, as that driver barely budget to avoid a collision. I parked and saw that the guy was still walking toward town. At least he wasn’t running this time. It’s strange–I’ve seen him twice, yet no one else I work with has ever seen him. Could he just be a figment of my imagination? One sure way to find out would be to aim my front bumper at his midsection and see if he dents my hood. Hey, I’m willing to incur a small car-repair bill to confirm the state of my mental health.

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  1. ToddCommish Says:

    I think you need to call Patricia Arquette or Jennifer Love Hewitt (or Haley Joel Osment) to come and talk to this guy so he won’t cause an accident.

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