Roar, Lions, Roar

Sunday, October 9th, 2005, 12:58 pm

So Joe Paterno should’ve retired, right? He’s ruining his legacy by staying on, he’s embarrassed himself these last few years fielding teams that couldn’t contend in the Big Ten. Hang it up, Joe, they said.

I join with every PSU alum across the country by extending a big middle finger to the doubters and the sayers of nay. Last night’s win over Ohio State was one of the biggest, and the best, in Paterno’s career. It was old-time football–run the ball, don’t make mistakes, capitalize on turnovers. Nothing too flashy–Derrick Williams’ touchdown sprint perhaps the lone exception–and the defense brought back memories of 1986. A.J. Hawk is a fantastic player, but after last night you can put Paul Posluszny at the top of your Butkus Award list. The play where he tracked down Troy Smith after playing zone coverage underneath had us all shaking our heads in disbelief.

Been a long time since we Lion faithful had a game like this to savor. So I’m gonna savor it. Not just a big win, a big win against a team that I despise. Double-down on the deliciousness.

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