More Frustration, That’s What I Need

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005, 11:45 pm

Hockey’s back, yay, and my Penguins get stoned by Martin Brodeur. Crosby looked good, and other than the 57 penalties called the game flowed a lot better. First game out of 82, no need to overreact.

I find I have no interest in the baseball playoffs whatsover. Don’t care who wins. Don’t like a single team still playing. Don’t like the Yankees because they’re the Yankees. Don’t like the Red Sox because. for all the romance surrounding them, they’re just the Yankees with horrible management in their past. They spend just the same as the Yanks, they have a huge payroll…I rooted for the Sox last year, and I’m glad they got the so-called Curse of the Bambino off their backs so I didn’t have to see goddam Ben Affleck on TV every ten seconds bemoaning the life of the Sox fan. But it was, what? 86 years for the Red Sox. Amateurs. I root for the Pirates–it’s been 13 years since we had a winning season, and 26 years since we won the title. And they ain’t gonna be competitive…ever again. Bill Simmons just published a book called Now I Can Die In Peace. Bill, you only had to endure about 30 years of torture. I (hopefully) have 50 years of futility staring me in the face. If the Bucs ever finish above .500 there’ll be a ticker-tape parade.

As I said, I’m a Pirate fan, so ain’t no way I’m rooting for the friggin’ Braves. The Astros? Eh, who cares, and I always root for Clemens to get shelled in the playoffs. The Cardinals…don’t like LaRussa, beyond that I see nothing to engage my emotions. Don’t like the White Sox, because Ozzie Guillen is a fool and an asshole. It’s pretty bush making the choke sign to another team’s fans after you pissed away a 15-game lead in a month. And I’m not rooting for the California-Anaheim-Los Angeles Angels. Any team with that much contempt for its fans can go get stuffed. So screw baseball.

To improve my mood I played a little SNG, get to the bubble, I’m the shortstack (after the chip leader gives a guy formerly on the ropes about a grand calling down with garbage 3 hands in a row) and I raise with AQ. Two callers. Flop comes J-4-4, it’s checked around, I push. Dude calls me with pocket threes. I will now stick my head in the oven.

I understand that there are like 700 or so bloggers signed up for the Poker Stars tournament. How many of those will actually qualifiy under the rules remains to be seen, but what do I care? Sit ’em down eight at a time, and I’ll beat ’em eight at a time.

Of course, I can’t even cash in a 10-person SNG against people who probably flatline their EEG tests. Are you supposed to preheat the oven before you stick your head in it?

Go to bed, unconsciousness will make me feel better. Maybe a glass of warm milk first, or some pills.

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4 Responses to “More Frustration, That’s What I Need”

  1. Poker Nerd Says:

    Come on, Gene, smile!

    Soon, you’ll have Jim Tracy or Ken Macha as your new manager!


  2. Pinky Says:

    I prefere sitting on the grill plate myself, but if you’re going for the oven, I’ve heard that 220 celcius is a good temperature to go for.

  3. Mikey Says:

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  4. Donkeypuncher Says:

    I’ve got the same playoff frustrations.

    It begins with hating – too busy

    Also sick of the boo-yah, back back back doofuses at ESPN.

    I find myself cheering against teams and people I despise, instead of teams I like. Hate the White Sox, hate Curt Schilling, hate Braves fans (although admire the Braves accomplishments), Cardinals – ewwww, Yankees – no thanks.

    If it came down to Cards – White Sox in the WS, I’d actually cheer for the Cards. Put a redbird hat on my head, even. So much is my disgust for South Side trash.

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