How to Tell a Bad Beat Story

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005, 12:46 pm

Is what my latest column at Barstool Sports is about. Of course, you never have to tell bad beat stories, because bad beats only happen to ME. Actually, that’s the sort of attitude I argue against. Just making a little point there.

The young woman on the cover is rather fetching, too. The last issue’s cover featured three blondes wearing white blouses and plaid miniskirts while they enjoyed cherry lollipops. After reading his post of a few days ago, I think Pauly would appreciate that.

I haven’t seen Pauly in any of the WSOP episodes aired so far, but I didn’t give close attention to the Johnny Chan one yet so I’ll have to go back to it. Stinkin’ ESPN didn’t start the first episode last night on time because of baseball so I missed about half of it, thinking it was going to be pre-empted. Boy, sure looked like Annie Duke was having a good time, didn’t it? Yipes. I just read her autobiography and there are a number of pictures included. There’s one taken just as she entered grad school, and she’s very pretty, confident, even coy. And then there’s one taken the year she finished 10th in the Main Event, when she was nigh on nine months pregnant, and I thought to myself “My life would be in terrible and imminent danger if I check-raised this woman, and if I hung a bad beat on her it would take forensic scientists three weeks with tweezers to gather enough of my DNA to make a positive ID.” She wasn’t in a sunny mood that day, understandably so.

Before I really got into poker I taped the 1998 WSOP that ESPN broadcast, the one where Scotty Nguyen said, “You call, gonna be all over baby”. I really have to dig out that tape and watch it again, just to compare the coverage then to now. No hole card cameras. The game wasn’t the phenomenon it is today. I know ESPN showed a lot of their old WSOP footage on ESPN Classic awhile back, they really should put it all on DVD or something.

Crap, I had some other stuff to write about and now I forget it. And now I have to get back to work. There’s poker at the bar tonight, I may play, I may stay at home and read. Just finished 2 book reviews, have three more to write this weekend. If I think of it I’ll post again. If not, not.

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