Hear the Thunder

Saturday, October 1st, 2005, 4:55 pm

Bloglines has a…thingy, that tells you what are the most-linked to items of the past 24 hours. Coming in at # 2, astonishingly enough, is Poker Stars’ Online Poker Blogger Tournament. 94 links. Impressive. We got more links that Bill Bennett.

I actually played a little poker online last night, a site threw me a frickin’ bone so I played a little microlimit poker while utterly exhausted. Thursday nights kill me, I play volleyball for 2 hours then drink and eat pizza and wings. I suppose there are worse ways to abuse your body. Actually, now that I think of it, a beer would be really friendly right now. Let’s see what I got in the fridge.

Had some Penn Pilsner, but I drank a gallon of that last week. Sam Adams Light is quite potable. There are few inventions in all of human history as elegant, as functional, and as magical as the pint glass.

Anyway, played a multi with 35 players, but the damn site doesn’t let you know how many people are remaining. I went out 7th after I put half my chips in on a bluff and went all-in on the river. Dude made a pair on said river and called. I actually made two nice calls early on to win some nice pots. Felt GOOOOOOOD.

Didn’t play at the bar last week, maybe this week. Hmm, there are actual cash tournaments I know of…no, got too much doggone work to do.

Oh, Maudie said that Boston Cream Pie is her favorite, and yesterday my dad told me the story of why we always have Boston Cream Pie at our poker games. I think I’d heard the story a long time ago but it didn’t stick in there. This is when I was little, before I was allowed to ante up, all the uncles and my grandfather came over for a game and there was the usual spread of cold cuts and hot sausage and potato salad. For dessert my Mom made a lemon meringue pie, and to offer those who don’t like that she made a Boston Creme Pie. So far so good. But my mom, who at times makes interesting culinary decisions, didn’t have any chocolate to frost it with. So she took a page out of the Krayzee Kookbook and poured a can of Hershey’s syrup all over the top. Well, it got eaten, and everyone remembered it, to the point where every time our family has a poker game there’s a Boston Creme Pie on the kitchen table. Store-bought, I should say.

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2 Responses to “Hear the Thunder”

  1. sirfwalgman Says:

    Hey, how about pointing me to some info on WV gambling places. I actually just got back from a short trip to Pittsburg. It was a surprisingly nice place. The guys promised to take me to the wild places next time.. so give me the lowdown.

  2. maf212 Says:

    Hey, how come I didn’t see any comments about Randel El’s lateral last weekend against the Pats? I mean c’mon, I was jumping out of my seat screaming at him when he tried to pitch that thing to Hines. He was at the 10 yard line or so, right? Why not just go down, and finish the drive off in the next three plays? I was soooo mad!!
    Just needed to rant to a fellow Steelers fan.

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