I Know What I’m Doing October 23rd

Thursday, September 29th, 2005, 3:49 pm

Kicking some major bloggerbutt, that’s what:

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 9737399

While it’s true that I’m about the 924th-ranked blogger/player, let’s not forget that I won the first blogger tournament. I see no reason why I can’t win this one as well. Except for the fact that there are a few hundred players out there who are vastly better than me. And the fact that I suck.

Seriously, this is very cool. And the prizes? A free entry into the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, flat-panel monitors, IPod Nanos, PokerStars swag…I knew this blog would pay off eventually.

I see the invisible hand of Otis behind all this. Hope to hell he’s banned from playing, that’s one more player infinitely better than me I don’t have to hurdle. But…that’d mean Isabelle Mercier can’t play either. And here I was getting all giddy.

Seriously, my foot’s gonna be sore from all the ass I’m gonna kick. Uh, anyone read those Harrington on Hold-Em books? They any good, think they’d help me at all? I think I’m screwed.

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7 Responses to “I Know What I’m Doing October 23rd”

  1. chad Says:

    Here’s to hoping that Isabelle can play in much the same way that Wil played in the WCOOP; sponsorship, not employee!

  2. Otis Says:

    I got the double kiss from Is tonight. šŸ™‚

  3. Pokerprof Says:

    Boy am I gald I read you šŸ™‚

  4. AlCantHang Says:

    (dead money)

  5. AlCantHang Says:

    ah, that was supposed to say I’m dead money.

    It was 1am, what should anyone expect.

    Have fun in the Bahamas šŸ™‚

  6. Mean Gene Says:

    I H8 Otis.

  7. Ryan Says:

    You may see Otis…still figuring it out. Maybe put a bounty on his head? ( :
    Ryan at PokerStars
    Good Luck in the tourney!

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