Don’t Panic

Friday, July 22nd, 2005, 12:22 am

First of all, my review of The Professor, The Banker, and The Suicide King has posted over at Pokermagazine, and I hope you check it out and then check the book out. Someday I want to walk up to Ted Forrest, put ten grand in cash on the table, and say, “Ted, I bet you ten dimes you won’t eat this bug…” and pull out the wriggliest, furriest kiloped in the Pennsylvania forests. That’d be cool…

Second, you may have noticed some cosmetic and structural changes to the blog. I may be doing some tweaking the next day or so, I felt the copy was a bit too narrow, and the typeface was bugging me. Is this print too small? I like it, but this is a blog, not an optometrist’s exam. I want to get a bit more color in this, a bit more eye candy, more pictures, more oomph, as it were. I need to find a graphic or a picture to fill in the banner. That stark MEAN GENE at the top bugs the living hell out of me. Yes, I’m Mean Gene, no need to scream like that.

I also got rid of the Google ads. Tho I liked the color they brought, they kept advertising products that said you could cheat at poker and hack into online sites and garbage like that, and I want nothing to do with crap like that. Should’ve done that a long time ago. Even I can turn my nose up at the twelve cents a day I was earning from them. You can’t cash out until you have $100 in your account, and by my calculations I would’ve reached the century mark in mid-January of 2007. That’s money I’ll leave on the table, and I won’t lose any sleep.

So let me know what you think, if you hate it let me know, I might even listen to you. More tweaking to come, sorry.

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3 Responses to “Don’t Panic”

  1. MVilla888 Says:

    Layout looks great…text is just fine for me. I’ll have to look you up sometime when I’m in Pittsburgh…hoping to make a couple of Steelers games this year.


  2. Meek Says:

    You need a graphic that says Mean Gene, oddly enough, the plain text does scream, where a graphic might tone it down. How about Bengal stripes . . . Yeah, that would work. (Carson > Ben) Oh yeah, thanks for the regular posts. Good reading.

  3. Litvak Says:

    Text size is fine. I agree that a graphic with your name in it would look better. You can check out my lame blog, which happens to have what I think is a nice banner (otherwise, though, the layout reflects my lazy attitude). Thanks for a great blog!

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