Some Housekeeping

Thursday, July 14th, 2005, 12:33 pm

First and foremost, there is a tournament in memory of Charlie Tuttle Sunday night at PokerStars. It’s $20 and all proceeds go to charity. Oh, here are the specific details:

WPBT “Charlie” Tournament
When: THIS Sunday – July 17th – 6pm EST
Where: PokerStars – Listed under the Private tab
Cost: $20 – Every penny goes to charity

Come one, come all, play a little poker, talk a little trash, drop the Hammer on as many thumbs as possible. There are rumors that some poker celebrities will be playing in it as well. This is for bloggers, for readers, for friends of bloggers and readers, and for random folk who happen to stumble in. I think Pauly set a target of 500 people, so if you know anyone who plays online give ’em a shout and tell them to clear their schedule Sunday night. A most worthy cause, and a blast to boot.

I, alas, will not be playing, as I will be in Watkins Glen, NY at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, drinking much red wine. Last year I came with a game plan–I was only going to taste and buy red wines, as whites don’t do much for me. I ended up buying WAY too much wine, much of which is still in hibernation in my den. So this year I’m going to limit myself to buying just one case, and I’m going to try to limit myself to only three different wines. Find something I like and load up.

And I’m gonna avoid the really pricey stuff, as I find myself double-clutching with the corkscrew every time I move against one of my expensive bottles. I find myself thinking, “Is this REALLY a big enough occasion to open my bottle of Black Russian Red? I mean, sure, the acquittal was nice and all, and such a big surprise too, but man, maybe I should give it just another year…”

I’m also hoping I don’t drive to the track (where the festival is held) this year, so Matt and I can do what we did last year as the day wore down–go to our favorite wineries and chug lots of the good stuff. I’m gonna mark down where I can find the most expensive reds and then do a zig-zag among the booths that will probably degenerate into a bob-weave. One stand in particular will look upon us as a nuisance, both because they have a wide selection of excellent reds and because the young woman working there last year (and the year before) was a serious cutie. Imagine a shorter, brown-haired Debra Messing with the body of an aerobics instructor.

I’m going to miss the final day of the World Series, meaning when I get to our hotel I have to find some way of hopping on the Internet. I don’t really want to watch what ESPN shows us on SportsCenter, it won’t be enough to slake my thirst for knowledge. ESPN’s gotta be hugging themselves over how things are playing out. Matusow, Raymer, Ivey…

Don’t forget to congratulate Double As on his 12th place finish in event #43 at the WSOP. Making friends with Men the Master, getting sucked out on by Erik Seidel…I told my brother, the one time we were sitting at the same table at a WPBT event and Ryan raised DA on the 2nd hand, that this was not someone he wanted to be randomly fucking around with. Sound advice.

Maybe more tomorrow. I didn’t watch all of the Full Tilt Poker live event yet, maybe catch the rest tonight. One thing watching live poker is good for–you see how much the pros steal, and how important that is to building your stack. Good stuff.

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  1. Stef Says:

    You mention you’re not big on whites, but if you can, check out a Riesling — they are gaining popularity in the US and vineyards like Hazlitt and Atwater will be good examples and available at the festival. Have fun.

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