More Women Than Men Play Online?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005, 10:03 am

Quick post here, looking for feedback. There’s an article in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that says more women play poker and gamble online than men. A quote from the lead-in blurb states “women now outnumber the guys at Internet casinos…”. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that more women gamble online than men. I have no evidence to support this conclusion than my own experience, so I throw the question out there to the world and ask, what do you think?

I ask in part because in my latest column at Barstool Sports I say that I hope a woman wins this year’s Main Event because it might bring a massive influx of new female players to the game. The article in the P-G says I’m behind the curve. I don’t buy it.

For those of you who aren’t much interested in my poker thoughts, the girl on the cover is yet again very easy on the eyes. If you like lissome, bikinied blonde ex-Patriot cheerleaders, you are in luck.

Think ESPN is happy with how the Main Event is shaping up for them? Raymer chip leader after Day 3 (and still very much in the hunt), Mike Matusow 2nd in chips and no doubt behaving like a Red Bull-addled Tasmanian Devil. And looming like a big…looming thing, the preternaturally calm figure of Phil Ivey, who’s only the Best Poker Player On The Planet Earth.

Lots of folks have mentioned the fact that Jay Lovinger is about done writing his column for ESPN’s Page 2, and in general the response has been a hearty good riddance. Not me. I wanted more from Jackpot Jay’s column–the fact that he was stamped with the ESPN imprimateur gave him access and opportunities beyond the mere blogger–but too many of his columns reminded me of blog posts I’d read (and written) a hundred times before. His “Toxic Mailbag” columns at times seemed an exercise in self-flagellation–after one I emailed him that he should publish the 10 most noxious screeds and at the end write, “Fuck all of you, I’m gonna play and write what I want”.

But if I’m jealous that he got such a tasty gig, well, tough luck for Mean Gene. And after reading about the brutal year Lovinger had, I can’t help but feel bad for the guy. He started strong…and then went into a 10-month death spiral. Everyone goes through adversity playing poker, but that monkey got on his back and would not hop off. Some of the reasons I can understand–he played a lot against professionals and got his lunch handed to him. Some of the reasons I can’t–he complained over and over that he couldn’t beat online games, yet I don’t think he ever played at Party Poker, the online version of the Tsukiji Fish Market. Game selection, it would seem, was an issue not properly addressed.

So I, for one, will not pillory Jackpot Jay for reaching beyond his grasp, if that’s the phrase I’m looking for. The column could’ve been better, should’ve been better, and I would’ve given up sizable chunks of my body and one or two mid-level organs to have the assignment, but I think there was a wee bit of piling on at the end. Mean Gene does not pile on. It is beneath him. Mean Gene gets in a quick kick to the nuts and then runs away to hide.

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10 Responses to “More Women Than Men Play Online?”

  1. Drizztdj Says:

    There’s women on the internet?

    That’s news enough right there.

  2. CJ Says:

    And they base this on? How many guys make their internet persona a woman in an effort to get an edge over other internet players? (I’m not saying it necessarily gives them an edge… but they hope it does.)

  3. Jefferson Kweder Says:

    My wife and her sister are online gamers. Low-level stuff, like bejeweled, hearts, tetris, stuff like that. Most of their girlfirnds are, too. I can see a rise in on-line female poker players, but I can’t imagine that the article is correct.

  4. Easycure Says:

    The article is absolutely correct in my imagination….and they are all fine as hell and playing wearing only skimpy panties.

  5. thid Says:

    This is possibly statistical conspiracy theory, but when they say this: “53 percent of those who gamble online rather than in casinos in the United States were female….”

    – It’s possible that the survey coming up with this stat first determined which people EXCLUSIVELY play online and then divided only THOSE people by gender.

    I could see 53% of the people who ONLY play online being women (men seemingly more likely to visit casinos, etc.) But if you go into a poker room and count heads every night for a year I’m sure the stat would be much closer to 80/20 male to female ratio, if not higher.

    But these “statistics” I’m making up right off the top of my head, so take them for what they are: presumptive garbage. Although how much worse can that be than the assuredly *rigid* statistical analysis performed by your average daily city paper.

  6. Shelly Says:

    I highly doubt women outnumber men, but it’s probably safe to say there are way more women gambling online than one might think, and probably a lot more gambling online than in B&M places (intimidation factor and whatnot). I play mostly on Full Tilt, and have a gender-neutral name and avatar, so rarely do I let anyone know I’m a girl – but I am regularly surprised at how many women I end up at tables with (I mean, people who I truly think are women – men don’t fake it very well).

  7. jason Says:

    Piling on may be beneath Mean Gene, but referring to himself in the third person sure as hell isn’t. Why not just changed your name to “Prime Time” and be done with it?

  8. Mean Gene Says:

    Obviously Mean Gene is joking around. Mean Gene does that from time to time.

  9. Donkeypuncher Says:

    I really enjoyed Lovinger’s columns. Even if I didn’t learn much, at the very least I was entertained.

    There’s no way that the Barstool Sports chicks gamble online. They probably don’t even know how to power a computer on.

    That said, ever get the chance to meet any of those fine ladies?

  10. Neil Says:

    I love your ending line on the Barstool article: “Call me liberated, call me a feminist, but please, please call me with bottom pair when I’m holding the nuts.” I could really use variations on that. For example: “Neil you’re an ass and you’re drunk” and I respond with, “You can call me an ass and call me drunk as long as you can me when I have the nuts.” Perfect.

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