Some Pittsburgh Poker Content, and Another Candidate for Poker Quote of the Year

Friday, July 8th, 2005, 11:30 am

I’ve been busy all morning hanging black crepe, as I learned last night that Isabelle Mercier has been knocked out of the WSOP Main Event. Merde.

By the way, John Gale? WPT Champ and PokerStars nice guy John Gale? Hate you. Hate you so much.

But as I looked through the list of players’ chip stacks two names leapt out at me. One was Nick Eisel, who so far as I can tell is the only player from Pittsburgh who advanced to play on Sunday. Nick has $52,275, and I’m here to tell him to go kick some ass n’at. I won’t be around to keep tabs on other Burghian players until I get back Sunday, but when I do I’ll do the reasearch and post what I know.

The other name that caught my eye was Zack Mills, of Igamsville, MD. This is a familiar name to me–the QB for Penn State the last four years was named Zack Mills. A quick Google search revealed that the former Nittany Lion hailed from Ijamsville, MD, so I feel quite confident that we’re talking about the same person. I’ll have to ask Pauly to confirm that this Mills is riffling his chips left-handed, that would seal the deal. He has about $41K.

I actually have a #7 Penn State jersey, which I bought while Mills was QB, but it’s now a Justin King jersey. If you don’t know who Justin King is, you will come the fall.

Not long ago I wrote a column for Barstool Sports about why you shouldn’t wear sunglasses while sitting at a low-limit table. If you want further proof why shades are a bad idea, read this post from Maudie, about playing with a creature she dubbed “The Intimidator”. It comes complete with a picture of the offender, and a candidate for Poker Quote of the Year: “(He was) cleverly playing J2-off all the way to the river, apparently on a pair draw.”

Really looking forward to some time at the lake, maybe have a refreshing swim, one or two beers, and playing poker until the sun comes up. Almost like Vegas, except for the lack of strippers/hookers and the plentiful bathroom facilities. Not an exact trade-off, but after 19 beers it’ll seem close enough.

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4 Responses to “Some Pittsburgh Poker Content, and Another Candidate for Poker Quote of the Year”

  1. TripJax Says:

    Just read this from Yahoo News and thought you’d find it, erm, interesting…;_ylt=AlU2Jdc4eDJ173KUvqpYg6YHr7sF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

  2. Jorgen Says:

    I hope Mills plays poker better than he does football.

  3. Heafy Says:

    Funny story from Maudie – here we call that “The Wankers Hand” jack – deuce off-suit. Why? “To Jack Off”.

  4. Poker Nerd Says:

    Jorgen said exactly what I was thinking.

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