Fighting the Good Fight

Monday, July 4th, 2005, 11:52 pm

I said last week that I was enjoying the WSOP journal Jim McManus was writing for the New York Times, so ’tis a pity he’s decided to pack it in and head home. His second column is about the effect satellites have had on the poker landscape, and as I read it I saw a link to a “Readers Forum” where folks can post messages. So I decided to see what the readers of the world’s greatest newspaper thought of poker.

Sigh. I should’ve known better, there’s some pretty discouraging stuff in there. You had the folks saying gambling is akin to devil worship, those who said poker is War, and then the ones who say that it’s all fixed and illegal and blah blah blah. One post, I thought, needed to be addressed, so I addressed it. This is how I spent my lunch hour on Friday, which should also explain why there’s been little poker content the last few days. The person I responded to said he’s going to respond to me in a day or so, and if there’s anything of interest to report I’ll report it.

Hope your 4th was fun, I spent the day eating ribs, drinking beer, and discussing local millage rates. Well, I just sat there and constructed elaborate sexual fantasies in my mind during those discussions, but that’s what everyone talked about for about an hour. Only in America.

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