Attempted Catblogging

Sunday, July 3rd, 2005, 10:40 pm

Blogger now allows you to upload images, so I’m gonna try to upload some images.

Just add milk:

This is Izzy, my wife’s pride and joy. She brought him home two Christmas Eve’s ago, despite my raising the point that we had two goddam cats already. Izzy is actually short for Isabel, which my wife named him before we learned that, yes, he was a him. No, he was not named in any way, shape or form after Isabelle Mercier, which would be, uh, really weird.

This is Ernie, our original cat. Ernie’s a Cooler–when I’d play online he liked hopping up on my desk and lying down on my arms, which always sent my game into freefall. He may look orange, but so far as luck goes he’s the blackest of cats. Ernie’s the one who likes knocking my lamp and alarm clock off my dresser at 4AM, and he’s also the cat who gnaws at our screen door so he can get out in the yard. I’m wondering now why I don’t just let him keep on running.

Bert the Cat was originally adopted by my mother-in-law, who decided in about a day she didn’t want a cat. We’d already named Ernie, so it was somewhat natural that his sibling cat would be named Bert. Unfortunately, it turns out Ernie and Bert are girls. Yes, we’re 0-for-3 when it comes to catsexing. Ugh, that’s gonna get me some ugly Google hits.

Bert is the most aloof of the three cats, and he brings a serious cat-attitude when it comes to my mother-in-law. To the point where he went and bit her today, bad enough to draw blood. That was new, in the past he’d snarl and wave a menacing paw her way, but he didn’t put the fangs in play. I admire his spirit…but I had to give him a swat and scolding.

Ernie and Bert when they were just a few months old. Now instead of cute little kittens I have these big robust cats who keep pissing me off in the wee hours and puking on my books and computer (just in the last week). Oh well. At least our rat problem is relatively under control.

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