Why My Column Kicks Jim McManus’s Column’s Ass

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005, 10:53 am

Well, the headline should get your attention anyway. Jim McManus, author of Positively Fifth Street, is writing a poker column for the New York Times called, well, “Poker”. His first effort, well, sucked. Blah blah, poker reflects the heart and mind of America, blah blah, riverboat gamblers, blah blah, Hold-Em is intrinsically beautiful…it’s more an introduction to a column than a column itself. So I give Jimbo a pass on this one, which I’m sure will ease his troubled mind.

I have enjoyed the journal McManus is keeping while he’s at the World Series, but as I read I keep rooting for him to get knocked out so he’ll put on his reporter cap and write about something other than his own play. Because I don’t want to read hand-histories in the goddam New York Times, I want to read something new and interesting.

Like in MY column, which is about to come out with its third installment. The subject–when it’s appropriate to fold after you’ve flopped a royal flush. Don’t think you’ll see too many folks in the mainstream media taking that subject on. That’s because I’m hard-core, people.

Another reason my column is superior to McManus’s (what’s the rule for possessives on a name ending in “s”? I always put the apostrophe after the “s”, I don’t think anyone’s name should get shortchanged) is that while his writing appears in a publication nicknamed “The Gray Lady”, mine is found in a publication featuring attractive young women in living color. These are MY reasons, of course; I’m sure the New York Times has other qualities to recommend itself.

Now go read Pauly and Otis and the Prof and Flipchip for the real WSOP coverage deal. Those boys are livin’ La Vida Loca, which of course is Spanish for “Vitamin D and sleep deprived”.

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  1. Donkeypuncher Says:

    You and McManus should do a point-counterpoint on calling a maniac down with Jack high

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