The Glamorous World of Poker Journalism

Saturday, June 11th, 2005, 3:27 pm

Pauly is working like a galley slave covering the WSOP, you really must check out what he and the Prof and FlipChip are doing out there. He’s gonna age about 10 years during the next 40 days. Sounds like he’ll get a novel just out of his motel neighbors.

One of the events you can read about is the $1500 7-card stud tournament, and Dr. Mark Burtman, who’s book I reviewed last week, took third place and won $63,180. Like I said, the part of the book I liked the best was when Dr. Burtman was writing about playing big cash games and tournaments, and obviously he knows of what he speaks. I don’t think this event is due to be televised, unfortunately. I really liked watching the stud events, even though I haven’t a clue about playing the game. Stud hi/lo is my brother’s game…oh, crap, today’s his birthday. Looks like he’s getting a gift-wrapped half-filled bottle of liquor again.

Speaking of booze, last night me and my wife and a bunch of friends went to Hartwood Acres (which is a big park with a gigantic lawn where they have free concerts all summer) to hear Los Lonely Boys. Good show, good time, even with some lightning and occasional rain. Back to my friends’ house to sample another sip of Scotch (forget which kind, though I’m sure Mr. Halverson would approve) and a glass of a Washington state table red that was really fantastic. The word “velvety” would be well-chosen to describe it. I went from cans of Miller Lite to pricey Scotch to fantabulous red wine. Which may explain why I slept in till noon today.

OK, that’s enough. I’m going to link all these WSOP sites in the next day or so (just to make it easier for me to maneuver there myself), but if you like poker, these sites will render you unproductive at work for hours at a time.

  • Tao of Poker, for real-time tournament reporting and various nonsense including what promises to be a month-long drama involving the coked-up stripper-neighbors
  • LasVegasVegas, the Poker Prof and FlipChip providing all sorts of in-depth coverage and lots of pictures…tho so far I think only one of Isabelle Mercier…
  • PokerPlayerNewspaper, whole lotta stuff from the above-mentioned folks as well as the occasional columns from a well-known Internet celebrity
  • Poker Wire, for up-to-the minute chip counts and great reports from Jay Greenspan

OK, there’s my public service announcement for the day. And now…I’m gonna cut my grass. Party on!

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    Mmm.. thanks! We are indded working our fingers, but, I think it shall pay off and even if it dosen’t at least Pauly has his neighbor’s 🙂

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