Welcome to the Working Week!

Monday, June 6th, 2005, 12:18 pm

Yeah, now I get to hammer back (no pun intended) at those bloggers who just spent a few hyperkinetic days out in Vegas. Though from what I’ve read in the brief reports posted so far, I have to say it mustn’t have been the blowout I anticipated. So far the word “deportation” hasn’t been used. Nor has “autopsy”. Ehh, I guess y’all had a good time, I guess…

So welcome back to work, welcome back to those cubicles and those piles of paper you left behind on Thursday! Welcome to my world! Bwhahahahaha!

Not that I spent the weekend pining over Vegas. Friday…what the hell did I do Friday. Oh, took the wife’s car over to get inspected, then grabbed a beer and a bite and did some browsing at Borders. I know, not hugely exciting, but a day that involves a trip to Borders always gets a gold star. Saturday we went to a barbacue at my friend Matt & Kris’ house, which means lots of food and wine and beer. Opened a bottle of a nice red I’ve had for two years (well, I actually put it on the floor under our bar and then stacked cases of pop behind it. So I inadverently aged it). Good stuff. And I also tried Scotch for the first time. It bears further study. Sort of like drinking liquid distilled from a three-alarm warehouse fire.

So that’s my exciting weekend. Oh, took the wife to pick up her car, returned a shirt she got me and ended up getting an equally-priced shirt for $5 (don’t know how that happened, didn’t ask) and went to Borders again to make it a truly successful weekend. Beer, Borders, wine, more beer, steak, Scotch, more Borders…Vegas Schmegas.

Looking forward to reading the tens of thousands of words that will be written, and even more so the pictures. It helps to put faces to names. I had my friend Matt take a few pics with his new digital camera, but I don’t they were especially flattering of me. Mostly because there was a lot of…light. I need to get some actually usuable pictures of myself to use for my writing, so I may have to groom and coif myself a bit before I subject myself to the lens again. I’m just not photogenic. Or maybe it was Matt’s fault. Yes, push the blame on someone else, ooh, that feels nice.

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4 Responses to “Welcome to the Working Week!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Scotch is an acquired taste…my recommendation is to start with very good scotch…Glenfiddich is top notch…I like mine with a bit of tonic or water over ice…great sipping drink, as you won’t drink it like downing beers….just depends on what you’re looking for…a nice casual drink, or keeping up with th egang at the local watering hole getting smashed for $5.

  2. Matt Says:


    I don’t know what you do for local poker action, but I know a pretty good group of guys that have a small stakes limit/no-limit night pretty much every week, with the occasional tourney thrown in for fun. I moved away from pgh about 8 months ago, but the game is still going strong. (see http://bigbrit.blogspot.com/) If you like I can make the introductions.

  3. Drizztdj Says:

    Vegas sucked. Never mind the cheerful posts you may be reading this week 😛

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