Should the WPBT Pay the Way for Jackpot Jay?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2005, 3:28 pm

Jay Lovinger is looking for a backer for the WSOP Main Event, and would this not be a golden opportunity for the poker blogging community to foist itself upon a mainstream audience? Lovinger has said he’d wear clothing with his sponsor’s logo, so he could be draped in the finest ensembles available to the discriminating player. ESPN is of course shameless in its self-promotion, so you know Jackpot Jay is going to get at least a little face time, maybe even a healthy stint at a feature table. It may be hard for one guy wearing a WPBT shirt to stand out amongst the hoards in PokerStars regalia, but who knows how things may shake out?

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3 Responses to “Should the WPBT Pay the Way for Jackpot Jay?”

  1. TenMile Says:

    Are suggesting ESPN will show him in that THONG thingy Maudie designed?

  2. Donkeypuncher Says:

    Only if he agrees to raise pre-flop with the hammer…

  3. Phill Says:

    i think a sounder investment is letting the 10K ride on red until you double it time after time to 6mill, or go bust.

    and its not even close.

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