Hey, Maybe I Can Write For The Washington Post!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2005, 8:34 am

Just in case Iggy is in a holding cell or something, there’s an article
about poker and poker magazines in today’s Washington Post. It’s basically a re-cap of content in various poker mags, including the once-thought deceased All In.

The piece is written in a condescending fashion by a guy who admits he knows nothing about poker. I saw a link to it on Jim Romenesko’s page, and I will be making some sort of comment to either them about it. I did have a letter published on Romenesko’s site a few weeks back, maybe my name will stick in his mind…yeah…sure…

I have a big post coming about content theft and the changing economic picture for the blogosphere both as a whole and our corner in particular, but first I want to get some Animal Crackers for breakfast. Priorities, people.

UPDATE: Freakin’ love animal crackers. Anyway, the article breaks such earthshaking news as:

Chris Ferguson is called “Jesus”, because of his long hair and beard.

Chau Giang worked as a cook in a Chinese restaurant before winning a bracelet last year.

Annie Duke graduated from Penn and Columbia and has 3 kids.

Now, I guess it’s a bit much for the writer to know that Giang is also one of the biggest cash game players in the world. But I think he (and the writer who’s article he’s regurgitating) should know that Duke has 4 kids. Unless there was a tragedy in their household that I’m not aware of…maybe I should just shut up about that. No, I’m pretty sure she has 4 kids. Yes, checked her website, everybody’s fine. Whew. Their mistake not mine.

The author also says he doesn’t know what “the nuts” means in poker. I think my mom knows what that means, and she’s such a savvy poker player that, if the planets aligned in some strange way and she was actually playing Hold-em, and was dealt an ace and a jack, she would immediately turn to my brother and say, “Ryan, have you talked to your friend A.J. lately, how is he doing?”. Mom’s got tells, tells, tells.

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3 Responses to “Hey, Maybe I Can Write For The Washington Post!”

  1. Sean Says:

    “Mom’s got tells, tells, tells.”

    Oh man does this strike home. Hilarious.

  2. Jefferson Kweder Says:

    I don’t know nothin about poker, but them womens on the Vonage ads are hot.

    Hard-hitting, timely stuff from the Post. I wonder if next they’ll cover that movie everyone’s talking about, with the swords and the Hobbits? You know the one?

    Sure, I knew you did.

  3. Beck Says:

    Wow, you went to a website and checked a fact? But that must’ve taken, what… 30 seconds? Good God man, such effort! Better knock it off, you might start making main stream journalists look bad.

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