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Friday, April 29th, 2005, 12:21 pm

Many good suggestions for Shana Hiatt’s replacement, all of them more aesthetically pleasing than David Cross. Except Bea Arthur.

Of course I daydreamed of Isabelle Mercier taking over as WPT host, but I feared that she would take such a suggestion as an insult. She is, after all, a professional player having considerable success, and even though she announced part of the event in Paris I think the next time she appears on the World Poker Tour she’d expect to be at the table and not holding a microphone. As I’d rather drink paint than slight her in the least, I crossed her name off the list.

And I did think about nominating Felicia for the job, but forgot to put that in the post. She could certainly handle the Poker Corner stuff (though viewers might start wondering there were so many references to Stud), and, Good God, can you imagine her vaporizing some jackass whining about not getting any cards? Get the popcorn!

I need to ask Otis, what was up with all the hugging at this week’s WPT event? Lots and lots of hugging. Which is fine, you see so much pettiness and whining and cutthroatedness at the poker table that having a bunch of decent guys who seem to like each other was rather nice. I’m not a huggy sort of person, though I can appreciate the concept, but…what’s up with all the hugging? I get knocked out of a tournament, a handshake will suffice, and a hearty slap on the back is no problem. I don’t need a hug.

I was blown away by how gorgeous that place is. Was. Is. When I was in St. Thomas and saw the water I realized that I had never in my life seen that color of blue in person. It was almost like being on another planet.

I didn’t expect this to be a minipost, but here we are. Oh, forgot one thing! One of the sites I’ve written for is having a short story contest…why don’t I just post the info I have:


“The Poker Virgin”

1st prize: $100 and online publication on Pokermagazine.com and Poker-Virgin.com
2nd prizes: $40 and online publication.

To Enter:

Write a very short story or “flash fiction” piece, at least 1400 words, up to approx. 3500 words. The story should generally be about someone’s experience of playing poker in a casino, cardroom or online poker room for the first time. The writing may be humorous or serious; while it may contain adult themes we are definitely NOT looking for stories about someone’s first sex experience.

Poker terms should be used accurately.

The characters do NOT have to be playing Texas Holdem.

It must be written in English.

No .wps files.

Email entries to:


with the subject line: SHORT STORY CONTEST

Got that? I don’t know when the deadline is, I’ll check into that and let you know. Go scribble.

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  1. felicia Says:

    I was cracking up as I read this. Laughter is good medicine!

    I would be so bad in that situation that it makes me shudder to even think about it.

  2. Dnasty13 Says:

    Just reading some of your blog…you ever want to talk Steeler football…my friend SteelerJosh…


    Later D

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