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Monday, April 25th, 2005, 12:29 pm

Congrats to Bob who won the WPBTWSOP satellite and will be taking on about 2200 people in the $1500 NL event. I watched some of the late action and it was a tense affair, aside from the railbirds squawking. It turned out that the buy-in wasn’t the only prize (in fact, when it got down to 4 they agreed to split the extra $840 in cash available) but with there really only being one winner it made for some aggressive play. No sense in getting down to 3 or 4 with only a scattering of chips, you had to come armed to the teeth.

Lots of preflop raising and re-raising, bluff and counterbluff. Jason at TripJax won a monster 3-way pot when he had I think 8-9 clubs and was up against 2 players all-in with pocket kings and tens. If I recall, the other two players both made trips, but there were also 2 clubs on the flop and another hit on the river. Monster pot, a real gut punch for the other two.

While I was following the WPBT event I also had my eye on the WPT Championships. If you don’t want to know who won look away…well, too late. Tuan Le won ANOTHER big event. First Foxwoods, now the Champeenship. $2.8 million. He said in the Foxwoods show that he wanted to accumulate at least an eight-figure fortune before he quit poker. He’s about halfway there now. Nearly three million bucks…its a bit hard to get the mind around that amount. Especially for one tournament. Especially as he already won about $2 mil at Foxwoods. And his brother came fifth at Bellagio in last weeks show. Not a bad year for the Le clan.

But overshadowing Le’s big win was the news that Shana Hiatt is leaving the WPT. Yes, last night was her last show. Apparently she wants to act or something. Shana, you need look no further than Vince Van Patten to realize how good you got it where you are.

So the WPT season is at an end. And so is the EPT. And PokerStars, realizing that Otis has been sitting around the office with nothing to do, has started a new PokerStars blog called, uh, the PokerStars blog. I advise you to check it out.

As I invite, nay, insist you check out the Poker Player Newspaper run by the estimable folks over from LasVegasVegas. I just realized this weekend I’d never mentioned it nor linked to it, so I kill two birds with one stone. They even publish poker fiction, if you can believe that.

I would’ve gone walking at lunch today, but there’s a solid inch of snow out there today, turning the walking trail into a quagmire. Volleyball tonight, most likely our last game in our current league. Up against the defending champs, lose and we’re done for the season. I’d say we’re about a two-outer to pull it off.

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3 Responses to “Tidbits and Nibbles”

  1. Bob Says:

    Whoo-Hoo! Top billing over Shana Hiatt and the WPT. I spent half the tourney thinking you were VARoadsetter. Oops. Good thing I wasn’t complimenting him on his blog and asking questions every two minutes.

  2. TripJax Says:

    Wow…that hand has gotten around! Hope you can play at the next one that was just announced over at Iggy’s blog. It was fun having you sweat us all, but more fun when you are in the action…

    Poker In Arrears

  3. Poker Prof Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out Mene-Gene, greatly appricated. 🙂

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