They Learn Why They Call Me "Mean" Gene

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005, 9:43 pm

Who are “they”? Well, let’s start at the begining. Or, at least the middle. I wrote an article a few weeks ago but I haven’t found out if it’s posted yet, and as I haven’t heard anything back I started to wonder if maybe it’s out there somewhere in the Internet ether. I Googled myself, which is always depressing. I found my blog and some old Amazon reviews I wrote, and then I found the stuff that depresses me. Do you know how many Dr. Brombergs there are out there? And here’s the weird thing–they’re all involved in gene therapy research or something along thos lines. Get it, “Gene” therapy? Depressing to me.

Anyway, I did see a hit for a site called Huh. Never heard of them before. And so I clicked the link and found myself at a fairly slick new poker site, one that is part of a group of poker sites collected under a main site at And there, in the middle of the page, was a post I wrote a year ago about whether luck really exists or not. Actually, it wasn’t the full post–it was hacked in half, with a bunch of other stuff cut out. What really infuriated me was that they’d added links all through the article, links that led you to other sites in their collective.

The thing was posted under my byline, which pissed me off even more. It made me look like a friggin’ shill, and while I have NO compunction about selling out, the key word here is “selling”. This was theft, and it made me look stupid into the bargain.

So I wrote a strongly worded email this afternoon and waited for a response. I recieved none, but I guess my words had some effect because my post is no longer on the site. And I was looking forward to a lawsuit. I haven’t sued anyone…it feels like years, it really does.

Watched the poker segment on 60 Minutes. I think I’d pay Robin five grand a night to stay home so I wouldn’t have to hear that laugh all night. Best line? Dan Rather saying, “The World Series of Poker was won by an amateur named Chris Moneymaker…and, yes, that’s his real name”. Glad to see you’re all over the story, Dan. You’re only two years late.

I think Dan Rather would make a very good poker player, as most top poker players have only played against natives of Earth, and so might have trouble handling Rather, who is from the planet Zuon or something. Don’t let that “I’m from Houston” nonsense fool you. Robin thought she was fooling Dan, but who’s foolin’ who? What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

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2 Responses to “They Learn Why They Call Me "Mean" Gene”

  1. iggy Says:

    no shit – most annoying laugh ever.

    damn them shill sites stealing your stuff. i can strongly empathize. 🙂

  2. TripJax Says:

    Care to post the email you sent them…I bet it was strong to quite strong.

    I got an email from a similar type site that asked me to link them on my page. They said they linked me on theirs, but I never could find it. Bunch of BS’ers.

    Stay Mean,

    Poker In Arrears

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