Giddyup, Horsey

Monday, March 14th, 2005, 1:46 am

I shouldn’t be disappointed with my 9th-place finish in the WPBT HORSE tournament. I didn’t think I’d survive the first circuit, let alone make it to the first break. Let alone get in the money. But I ended up being the last person out before the final table, and, well, I guess its always a disappointment to get knocked out of any tournament. I got knocked out in the Hold-Em, surprisingly, when I pushed from the small blind with 9-10 and got called by…crap, I forget now. But he had a lot of chips, and pocket threes. I really had a good feeling that I would spike a card on the flop, but it didn’t happen, and I was out.

I played very, very, VERY tight. Especially in Omaha Hi-Lo, which makes my head hurt. Early on I hit a lot of hands to build up a few chips, and then I won a few big hands to briefly make me the chip leader. But from that point on I never had a hand. I mean, I played for nearly 3 hours, and I think that last hour I played maybe 3 hands and won 2. Just enough to keep me treading water. And then I got gobbled by the antes like everyone else. I took my swing and missed.

So, I made a $4 profit of so for my 3 hours work. And as I lost about $4 playing before the tournament, wash wash wash. Still, I have to feel pretty good about my 4th Blogger cash. And I feel even better that I don’t have to play Omaha Hi-Lo anymore.

Watching the end of Tilt. I mean, this is just deadly. I cannot BELIEVE how bad it is. I don’t just mean as a show about poker, though it’s awful on that count as well. Just because its hard to construct a plausible, tension-filled narrative doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even try.

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3 Responses to “Giddyup, Horsey”

  1. Tapin Says:

    If Carlos Mortensen ever hands you a wad of money and tells you to take a vacation in Tahoe because he’s gonna take care of you, you use that money to book a flight to New Zealand.

    I’m just sayin’, is all.

  2. tp Says:

    Yeah, I thought you were going to draw out on that last hand. You picked up a gutshot on the flop and another on the turn and I thought for sure you’d hit one of your four outs.

  3. Matt Stephans Says:

    Me. I had my eye on your stack from the first break on, you’re a solid player and were just above me in chips through the 2nd and 3rd sets? orbits? whatever you call the 5 games as a collective.

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